PORTERO on eBay.....help.....

  1. I couldn't find them on the recommended resellers list and I was wondering if anyone has had transactions with them? They have a scarf online right now I'd kill for but I've never dealt with them and I usually don't buy outside my "comfort" zone......:sos:

  2. ?
  3. Thank you Jag!!! Thinking I might pass....
  4. I have never bought a scarf from Portero but recently bid on one but did not meet the reserve. Got a second chance offer on the scarf, but was stunned by the amount requested. This was the 2nd or 3rd time around for the same scarf on eBay, so, I think their reserves are really high.
  5. Hi Shopmom, I have never dealt with them personally but from their auctions, what I find lacking is detailed pics of their items and detailed description...I always feel safer if the seller declares everything and show detailed pics so I will know exactly what's coming in the mail. You could ask the seller for more pics. Hope this helps.
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