Portero & Fake Louis Vuitton

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  1. Was thinking about buying a Louis Vuitton bag on Portero for my sisters birthday and a Rolex for myself.

    Thought to get the Louis Vuitton bag authenticated here just in case and Addy said that it was fake. http://www.portero.com/louis-vuitton-white-canvas-that-s-lvoe-metallic-sequin-tote-bag.html?utm_source=2261907&utm_term=10706957


    Post # 3334.

    I thought Portero was supposed to be reputable? I've tried contacting them to say that it is fake. Please help them take it down so someone does not lose their hard earned money. :help:

    Ps Some pics attached
    2-11789-206224--louis-vuitton-that-s-lvoe-tote-beige-gold-medium-sized-bag----9e5a81.jpg 2-11789-206224--louis-vuitton-that-s-lvoe-tote-beige-gold-medium-sized-bag----faf0.jpg 2-11789-206224--louis-vuitton-that-s-lvoe-tote-beige-gold-medium-sized-bag----0e.jpg 2-11789-206224--louis-vuitton-that-s-lvoe-tote-beige-gold-medium-sized-bag--.jpg
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  3. Wow...I thought that they were both reputable. I think I might be removing Portero from my bookmarks!
  4. Hi Lee,

    That's weird.
    I hope it gets removed soon =(
    A couple of hours ago, I sent an email to Portero.

    Guess I won't be getting that Rolex from Portero. Don't want to risk anything.

  5. That's what I thought! I was prepared to buy both, but not I'm to scared to chance anything. =/

  6. Maybe they got a bad one. I bought a Deuville from them last year. Its authentic.
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    That's horrifying really. I always thought Portero was reputable too. I sent them a chat message asking them about the listing and the ebay listing. They told me they are not affiliated at all with Bella Bags - they are looking into the bag in question and also at the Ebay listing for Bella Bags. We'll see. It does have me a more than a little concerned as I've been considering a bag on their site which is pretty pricey. How they handle this will be illuminating I think. The Chat rep was very nice, and said he was going to look into it immediately, but it does go to show that no matter what the site is - detective work and authentication is crucial. I'm waiting to see how this is handled. As disreputable as I've heard Bella Bag is, I wouldn't be surprised if pictures were stolen, but that doesn't explain Portero not authenticating their own item and listing a fake. Honestly, this has me really concerned.
  8. Okay - now I'm upset. When you click on the item now, it says: "This item was sold." If it was, that's utterly horrible! $1,300!

    If it wasn't - and they can't just put "This item was removed," or take down the listing entirely," that is horrible as well. It's going to hurt them either way. If people click on it now and see that they sold a fake for $1,300 - which is how it looks, that's going to just hurt their business unbelievably! As it should. I don't think I'll be purchasing. Sad. I really wanted the other bag.
  9. Interesting on the first bolded part... I did a quick google search of bella bags and portero and found a few listings ON Portero's site that also has "Bella Bags" IN the listing.

    I'm not saying these are fake bags, just that Portero definitely has some type of relationship with Bella Bags.

    I also didn't know about Bella Bags' reputation, but I've always heard good things about Portero? And I agree with you 100% - no matter what site, always authenticate!

  10. Wow! He utterly lied to me - that's it! Not ever buying from them. Hold on - I printed my chat log. Let me download it and post it.
  11. I've duplicated my chat with "Phil" at Portero today - below:

    Chat Window

    Thank you for visiting Portero. Please wait for a Portero Live Chat Representative to assist you.

    Hi! Welcome to Portero Live Chat, my name is Phil. I would be happy to assist you.

    Your Issue ID for your Portero Chat is LTK529018638****.

    Me: Are you aware that the Louis Vuitton LVOE Tote Bag you have listed is a counterfeit? It is the talk of a forum I'm on and people are wondering if other items you are selling are also counterfeit. I understand someone already emailed your company about this, so I'm concerned. I was interested in your _________ bag in black, but honestly, this has me very concerned.

    Phil: Let me check this item . . .

    Me: This is the first time I have heard about Portero selling counterfeits, but this is clearly not an authentic Louis Vuitton bag.

    Phil: Thank you for pointing this out. I will have our Accessories director look into this for you.

    Me: I wanted to alert you as this could affect your business really negatively.

    Phil: Yes, we will address this item immediately.

    Me: Thank you. It's most appreciated. And does make me feel better about future purchases. Youmay want to have someone address the emails sent to you a little quicker as someone is mentioning she's had no response whatsoever to letting the company know.

    Phil: Yes, we will look into the email as well.

    Me: Can you tellme if you are affiliated also with Bella Bags? There was some confusion because it looks as if the item is also listed on Ebay under Bella Bags.

    Phil: No, we are not affiliated with Bella Bags.

    Me: Your exact same bag with the same pictures and same date code is listed currently under ebay under Bella Bags.

    Me: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Louis-Vuitton-Thats-LVOE-Tote-Beige-Gold-Medium-Sized-Bag-/170834531043?pt=US_CSA_WH_Handbags&hash=item27c68812e3#ht_2822wt_966

    Phil: Thank you. We will look into this now.

    Me: Thanks! Makes me feel so much better.

    Phil: Thank you for your inquiry.

    Phil: Have a good day.

    Phil: Bye

    Me: Bye
  12. Interesting - If they are not affiliated with Bella Bags - why has that listing ended at the same time Portero's bag was "sold." The ebay listing has now ended. The plot thickens. I'm staying away from this company now.
  13. Hi Elli! Bella Bag in Malleries is shop.bella.bag on ebay.

    Strange that they don't know Bella Bags.I didn't check other brand but all LV listings I checked in Portero have same photos as Bella Bag.

    Bella Bag still has the fake LV listed-->

    Another fake listing on ebay which ended-->

    Fake LV Globe.jpg Fake LV Globe 2.jpg Fake LV Globe by Bella Bags.jpg
  14. Thanks for posting all of this - what in the world would we do without you here!!!!!????
    Thanks so much for everything you do for us!