1. Have any of you purchased Chanel (or anything?) from Portero.com? I have been perusing their web page, but what has been keeping me from bidding is that items keep reappearing on a regular basis. Seems weird...Also, they never photograph serial numbers or authenticity cards...or list information in description.
  2. I bought LV Stephen bag from them, it was in "Pristine" condition, authentic and they have 30 days return policy. The only reason why you see bags "reappearing" on the site is because that they get "relisted" if they didn't sell.
  3. Great! I am heading over there now...a little holiday shopping!
  4. I read an article in the Wall Stree Journal that they check their site and all 60,000 items proved to be authentic, so I think they are the real deal. However I have not bought anything from them yet.
  5. wow - thats quite the investigation.
    60k items ...oh if only eBay could be as trustable....
  6. hi,
    I've bought a Gucci Horsebid hobo from portero, very satisfied. great packaging and fast shipment too

  7. Thanks all for the information. I am now adding them to my
    list of sellers!
  8. They get relisted if their items don't sell or are returned. I bought a 32 cm Birkin from them last month and was delighted with it and impressed by their customer service. I am looking for a Kelly now. They guarantee authenticity. Give them a try. You can't lose with a 30-day return policy.
  9. I bought a kelly from portero.com and I've been also impressed by their costumer service :yes:
  10. I bought a Choo from portero.com and it was misdescribed (damage to hardware not noted). I returned it and they have relisted it for auction, but my refund is still processing? So, based on this experience, I would not recommend them. It seems odd that I still have a $2200 charge on my card that they have not refunded but yet are auctioning the bag again today.

    Also- they relisted the bag but did not change the description at all. The hardware damage is not even noted.

    Just my experience and two cents.
  11. I was just wondering have any of you purchase something from portero.com recently?

    Any experience with their international transaction?
  12. I have been lurking on PurseBlog's forum for two years - diving in is scary! THANK YOU for the Portero info - I've been watching a few Chanel bags there, but wasn't sure if they were authentic. As usual, my Google search led me here, to the promised land of luxury goods info.

    If I did this wrong, don't yell. It's my first time. (And Christmas was yesterday.)