Portefeuille Accordeon pics please

  1. Would somebody who has this wallet please take a pic for me...with it loaded w/your stuff?
    ELux doesn't show the inside, and it's helpful to me to see the inside full as opposed to empty.
    Thanks in advance if someone wants to snap one for me!!:winkiss:

    And, while I'm here...I was looking at the pti, but a friend in another state may sell me her accordian...those that use this wallet, do you think it's as accommodating as the pti?
    THANKS a :flowers: bunch!
  2. No reply necessary (mods can close if they wish) I did some more searching and have found what I need.
  3. i was kinda looking forward to this too!
  4. I still wouldn't mind seeing them. I like to see how wallets look w/'stuff' in them. Karman said she might post sometime soon if she has time...likely in the wallet club or someplace like that. :smile:
  5. I think only Karman has the Portefeuille Accordeon clutch. Mine is the little card holder and I love it. For something so small I actually have 20 ccs or shopping cards, kwim. I usually wad up a roll of $1k in the center pocket.
  6. jadecee has it too, my pics are now up in visual aids for the rest who are interested.
  7. aw, thanks karman!
  8. You're welcome!! :flowers:
  9. New girl here. Where are Karman's photos??