Porte Tresor International Wallet

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  1. I'm thinking about getting this wallet, and I was wondering if you can put a checkbook in it.
  2. Yes,

  3. Yep. Sure can. I have one and it's my all time favorite wallet. It's a workhorse!
  4. Thanks for the quick replies, and the pic!
  5. I love that wallet, very functional.
  6. Indeed it holds everything....I love it!!!:love:
  7. Yes it does.. I just bought one last nite for my mom's birthday/mother's day... I'm sooooo in love.... might have to keep it for myself lol...
  8. Yup, the Porte Tresor is such a useful wallet. I bought one for my mom last year and she uses it to put her passport in it when she travels. Trust me, it can fit ALOT of stuff in it.
  9. Ditto! Mine is the white MC, it matches every bbag I own, and some!!:biggrin:
  10. Ahhh..I love this wallet...but if I buy it, I may not have any money left to put inside!!! :shame:
  11. Question: but when you put your checkbook in the PTI, doesn't the checkbook cover up the credit card slots? how do you manage that? i wanted to get one of these wallets but I saw it IRL at the store last week and I realized that i couldn't figure out how to put the checkbook in without obscuring the cc slots.
  12. YES*see pic above*, unless you just put the checks into the back pocket of it.
  13. I noticed this too, from the picture. I'm still debating on this. I don't know how inconvenient it would be to dig underneath the checkbook for your credit cards or license.
  14. I have to have a PTI for just about every bag I own! I have an epi one, a Damier one, a Monogram canvas one, a white MC one, and an Amber mat one! Great wallet, very functional, and you can fit bills in it without folding them! ;)
  15. I have a couple more questions for those of you that have this wallet. Is there one or two slots behind the change purse part? Also, is the wallet stiff as in hard to get cash in and out of? I've been using a cheap old wallet for a couple of years, but I just switched back to a Coach wallet I've had for years. I remember now why I didn't like the Coach. It's really tight to put bills in and take them out. I hope this makes sense!