porte ronde..useless?

  1. besides using it for a bag charm..is it totally useless?? Anyone have one?? Its so cute, but I dont know what I would use it for!! :shrugs:
  2. Does it have the little attachment for use as a bag charm or do you have to add one?
    I think it is adorable and I want one!
    I bemoan the fact that I did not "discover" LV until the cerises and panda lines passed. The rondes are TDF!
  3. To be honest, I use mine mostly as a bag charm. But I also use it to hold money & keys when I use a pochette. It is not big enough to hold credit cards. I just love them because they are different.
  4. I'm planning on buying one in the future and using it as a change purse.
  5. I use mine as a change purse as well. It's a regular mono. I first liked it bc of the different shape, it's really cute BUT the bills/notes need to be folded in 4 and get sometimes stuck in the zipper, that sucks...:sad:
  6. I returned the groom ronde because it didn't fit my credit cards in it. Does anyone know the dimensions for the new heart shaped purse?
  7. I usually keep the cleaning cloth that came with my sunglasses in my Ronde, it is also great to keep those individually wrapped hand wipes or tissues in.
  8. I do not know the dimensions; however, I did inquire yesterday and I was told due to its unique shape, cc will not fit...BUT I would still purchase to use as a bag charm....it is TDF!!!
  9. The other week I went into LV to buy the groom rond cles But its too small and for my use its useless. I wouldnt use it for anything so I didnt buy. LOL
  10. I must admit, I think it is pretty useless, but oh so cute as a charm :smile:
  11. I love mine. I haven't used it as a bag charm and I certainly wouldn't call it useless. One thing I will say is that when it's loaded down with coins it gets very, very heavy... I added a chain from an old Cles and now it has an updated look. I don't know why it didn't come with a chain like the later models do...
  12. I use my Cerise one as a change purse. I used to never carry change, but now that I spend more time in SF with my boyfriend, I always make sure I have change for parking meters or bus/train tickets.
  13. I think they're useless...lol... but the panda one is awesome! I only make exceptions on the panda line cuz I love that chubby lil guy lol
  14. I LOVE them, and think the mono one is just sooo classy. I would find a use for it in my bag, somehow. I have the groom and am afraid to use because I don't want him to scrape off, but I admire him everyday, he's sitting out. I think the mono one is gorgeous too! And, just for change and receipts it is awesome!
  15. I have one and find it quite good.

    If you have alot of change its better than trying to stuff into wallet, and its great for just popping out to buy little things like milk etc.