porte monnaie wallet (multicolore)

  1. I am thinking of getting this wallet. Does any one have one and what do they think of it? It is a lot for a wallet but seems to meet my requirements. Thanks for any input.
  2. I first bought the PMM in multicolor, then changed to epi and finally settled in the same wallet but in the groom. Anyways, I think it's a great wallet! I have a M by MJ wallet that's very similar in design.

    It's really easy to use. I like that you can fit your check register in it and there's a different compartment where you can put your bills. The separate "sections" between the middle zipper portion is also nice for receipts. The one thing that I liked about the mono or groom version better is that you get 10 cc slots. From what I remember the MC and epi only have 6 slots.

    I know LV seems to "frown" on you putting your things in their wallets and bags, just do it. There's no point in buying a wallet that you don't like the design of. My only reason for trading in the MC was that the interior vachetta scared me.
  3. thanks for your input. A few other questions: where do you put change? Did you buy at the LV store or online? I would think the store has much more selection.
  4. I bought my stuff at the store--I have to see things like that in person to make a decision. I put my change in the inner zipper pocket.