Porte-Monnaie Plat or Ludlow?

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  1. I need a small leather LV to hold my credit cards, which would you buy, the Porte-Monnaie Plat or Ludlow? I am headed to Neiman's today - yay! P.S. This will be my 2nd LV - my 1st being the Speedy 30. :heart:
  2. yay! congrats on getting a wallet! they both look the same to me :confused1:
  3. I prefer the ludlow. Are you going to get it in mono?
  4. ludlow, but get it in vernis or something besides mono!
  5. Ludlow has more storage space and is more organized. I played around with both at the boutique, theyre both super cute, but the Ludlow is more functional. And in vernis, its extra gorgeous:heart:
  6. Ludlow
  7. I have the Ludlow and it is very roomy and compact!
  8. Thanks Ladies! And the winner is....drum roll please...the Ludlow in Mono ! LOVE it! I agree, it's more functional and sooo cute! Cheers! TGIF!