Porte-Monnaie Plat: Anyone have a picture of what it looks like inside?

  1. Hth
  2. I like using it as a small wallet in my smaller bags.. I think it's great! I had the Wapity twice and returned it both times.. But I know we have a lot of Wapity fans on the PF so it's a matter of personal pref. I do like the look of this better than the Wapity. I like my wristlets to be thinner but that's me..
  3. It's quite useful actually! I fold my bills and file them into the smaller section in the back...then I can fit 4-5 credit cards/IDs in the front section, and I put coins in there as well. I use the front patch pocket for receipts, coupons, etc.

    I love it because it has very, very small dimensions. It fits perfectly into my pochette...I was surprised at how many cards it can fit considering it was made to hold change and bills! I kind of regret buying the credit card holder since I purchased both at the same time because I thought this wallet was too small for me, but it's a great size, really.

    Some pics:
    inside1.jpg inside2.jpg inside3.jpg inside4.jpg
  4. WOW! So many pictures! I know it takes so much work to upload if you dont have the pics already!!! Thanks everyone!!! *hugs*