Porte Keyfob or Buckle Keyfob?

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  1. So, for those of you who have seen both or have one or the other (or both!), which one do you think it more practical. I have an infant and a toddler so I would really like one that I can clip to my bag (GZ Havana :love:) or diaper bag. Are the clips on both big enough for that? Now, I know that keys hanging from a beautiful bag could possibly qualify as bag abuse, but sometimes a mom's gotta do what a moms gotta do. :shrugs: TIA!
  2. Porte Keyfob, because it is two sided, one clips and the other side holds your keys. The Buckle is one sided, and you have to juggle keeping your keys clipped while your clipping your keyfob to other items. IMO
  3. It took me a while to figure out the Buckle. You buckle it on to your key ring, then use the snap to clip it where you want it.
  4. * The big ring on the Porte keyfob is heavy and too big to fit your keys directly on the ring. You'd have to put them on another ring first but then you'd be juggling the rings if you decided to clip it onto something else. I think the more reasonable approach is to use the smaller ring for your keys, leaving the clip free and clear. Of course, then it's not useful as a valet key but I think the pin stud is too tight to use for that purpose anyway.

    I returned the Porte keyfob I bought...didn't like the big heavy ring.

    * I'm currently using the Buckle keyfob which I like a lot. You unbuckle the strap, slip your key ring on and rebuckle. The clip is free and clear to use to hook to your bag, your jeans, whatever - that's not where you put your keys. It's very lightweight.
  5. I have both. I find them pretty equally easy to use.

    The Porte has a larger clip for clipping to my purse, and I like the weight of it. The buckle one, you buckle the strap around your keyring and then you use the clipsnap to attach it where you want. I'd buy another of either honestly. They are both pretty cool. The Porte has a bit more "style" to it I think. Whereas the buckle is pretty conservative and simple. And much lighter.
  6. The small end of the Porte Keybob looks small, I guess it just depends on the size of your keys. I'll make it work, I have one coming wed.
  7. Oh I see what you mean. I found it to be a pretty normalish size. But I keep my keys on their own keyring which I clip on the smaller ring of the Porte. That way it's also easier for me to switch to the buckle keyring. I hope you love yours! What color did you order?
  8. Bronze Anacoda. I'm not planning to switch rings, so it should workout how I planned it; hopefully.
  9. Hey guess what....the one I returned was BBWS.
  10. Thanks for all the excellent info! Sound like both keyfobs have serious followers! I need to make up my mind while they're so marked down...and before they're gone and I end up kicking myself for letting them slip away.
  11. I know that a simple purchase like this shouldn't cause so much turmoil...I swear I'm the most indecisive woman! Now, if the grey zeus had been on sale it would have been an easy choice.

    I ended up getting the black zeus buckle...STILL wondering if I made the right choice...I wish I could hold them in my hand to decide! :thinking: Maybe I should just get both...