Porte-Cartes Simple

  1. Does anyone have this? It comes in Mono, Damier and Epi. I have a Kate Spade commuter pass that looks pretty ratty after only 2 years :sad: and I guess it justfies the purchase of a new one, LOL!

    Which one would you choose? I'm leaning more towards the epi but I want something that'll last a while and not lose its shape (i.e. keep the cards secure). My cards, one of which is a super-thin Metrocard, can easily fall out of my Kate Spade one
  2. Can you post a photo?
  3. Out of the three I would go for Epi.
  4. Here's the epi:


    And here's the mono

  5. I like them both. I think the mono would hold it's shape better because it's not leather? I don't know... What's the price difference?
  6. The epi is 150 and the mono and damier are 130 (not 100% sure on the damier). It seems like a lot to pay for a card case- for a couple of hundred more, I could get a bag!! And I don't know if this item will be affected by the price hike.
  7. I have the Chanel Cambon one that is like that and i love it! its great for when you carry pochettes b/c a wallet is usually too big and bulky when paired with keys, cellie etc.
  8. I'm even more undecided now- I'd like to see the Chanel one! :huh:

    Thanks for the help, everyone. There aren't many people around who understand my bag addiction, so it's great to know I can post here!
  9. Please post a pic!!!:biggrin:
  10. how does this compare to the cles?
  11. go for the epi!
  12. I like it, but like this better

    it's 125
  13. I have it and don't use it as much... I was actually thinking of posting it on eBay soon to put the money towards my "Bosphore Messenger GM Fund". :lol:
  14. i have the epi, in myrtille, from a couple summers ago...

    it was really nice, and i got some compliments on it here and there... but i like wallets that fold open in some way, and the leather was pretty stiff...which im not a big fan of.

    the color is beautiful though. i always try to find other small accessories i like but keep coming back to epi...i really want a cannelle cles!
  15. I too was thinking of a cartes simple, I decided on a pocket organizer in Monogram instead, it seemed more versatile. Should be getting it any day now fron elux, ill post a pic