Portatelefonos on sale @ nordstrom in Stoneridge!

  1. alright ladies so i went to Nordstrom in stoneridge mall today and i didnt see ANY tokidoki bags there! but when i went to the sale section for the fashion accessories section, i saw PORTATELEFONOS ON SALE for $55.90!! they had a few inferno, quite a bit of paradiso ones, a few citta, and ONE foresta one!! the foresta one had kois on the mesh side and 1 koi on the non-mesh side. i put an inferno one w/ the pink ipod girl on there on hold as well as the foresta but i think i'm gonna get the inferno (i dont have anything in inferno yet, can you believe it?!) so if you guys want something, give them a call! they're in pleasanton, CA.
  2. Dang. I wish I could buy a porta :sad: And, it's such a deal. Why oh why did I promise my bf I wouldn't buy anymore toki until I get my car :sad: oh why, god?
  3. ahhhh that sounds cute... lol I like my burdie more tho :love: or I'd jump on the foresta one
  4. what do you typically use a portatelefono for? I've heard a few people say digital camera. Is it very big compared to a denaro?
  5. oooh i've been wanting a cheap portatelefono..but i dunno if its cheap enough for me yet...ne pirata porta?

    n xianpububbles..i'm going to use my porta to hold my ds!
  6. The portatelefono is a different shape than a denaro, narrower and longer.

    Sometimes I use mine as a mini bag/wristlet. I put my phone in the mesh pocket, then money and credit cards inside (I have a leather credit card holder that fits perfectly inside the porta so they are not loose). Will also fit my keys as well.

    Other times I use the porta as a case inside my bigger bag to hold my ipod/camera/pda/ds lite - despends on where I'm going as to what I take.

    I have three portas and would not mind getting at least one more so that each thing can have it's own case when I'm traveling and want to take them all! I need to find an Amore or Pirata one that's less than half price....
  7. Gosh, I need a porta :sad:
  8. I :heart: my pink DS lite! Sounds likes like a great idea. Has anyone tried to put a DS lite in their Portatelefono? I looked up the length of the Portatelefono as 5 inches and the length of the DS lite as 5.24 inches. Does it still fit?
  9. People say it works and I tried it but I have a clear hard case on my DS so it was really snug! I got an angioletto and I :love: it. Waaaaay more room but again because of my hardcase I can't carry an ac adapter like some people use the mesh pocket for. But I do carry a few games :biggrin:
  10. A pink DS Lite would be so pretty in an amore porta. And yes it does fit.
  11. oh i have a pink ds lite..now u make me want an amore porta! eeeee
  12. yupyup a pink ds lite does indeed fit into a portatelefono!! :biggrin: yay
  13. I use my portatelefono sometimes as a makeup bag inside my other Tokis or sometimes I'll just use it as my purse... i'll carry cash, credit cards, my drivers license.. a mirror, lip balm and cell phone.
  14. wow.. i am soo tempted to get the foresta porta with the koi fish. I dont have koi fishes on my ciao.
  15. damn, i was just there today picking up my bags from macy's ... i had to ask the salesperson where their tokidoki bags were and they had them behind the counter because there weren't that many there ... i ended up buying a l'amore mamma mia ... i wish she told me about those portas on sale.