Portatelefono & Angioletto

  1. Does anyone have both a Portatelefono and an Angioletto? Pictures of side by side comparisons would be great. I already have a Portatelefono and am wondering about the size of the angioletto. Is it much bigger than the porta?
  2. Aww I'd post pics but I'm not even supposed to be on TPF (I'm studying for a midterm) :p I'll try to get one in later night/tomorrow morning if no one else does tho
  3. Thanks,Tehlilone!
  4. mm kay pictures!
    side by side comparison

    DS lite w/clear hardcase inside angioletto (has about 1 cm left at top-width for the DS)

    DS lite w/clear hardcase inside portatelefono (goes until zipper and fits snugly)

    Width comparison (it's blurry but you get the idea)

    hope that helps ;)
  5. Wow, I didn' realize how big the angioletto was! I need one now! Hahahaah Thank you!
  6. Aw, your angioletto has bastardino and lattes! I have tons of bastardino, but no full lattes. :push:
  7. I just got mine, and even though I theoretically knew how big it was....I was a little shocked. They're big!