Portatelefono? And which one should I keep?

  1. Ok I ordered two pirata portatelefono's out of nowhere sight unseen, and now that I have them I'm not sure which one to keep, if I should keep either of them, or what to do with it if I keep it... What do you guys use it for? Someone said it was too short for a nintendo ds... So is it a camera bag? Just a clutch for your basics? Etc..?

    Which one of these do you like best? I don't know about either because obviously when the belt strap is down the picture of both are cut off.
  2. I like the one with the shark!! The sharks and mermaid are my favorite Pirata characters.
  3. I like the one on the left more...but probably because it has more pink in it..so I'm biased.
  4. If you keep one I vote right. I like the shark and stuff :biggrin:

    Some people use it as a camera bag (my camera is too small plus I already have one) so I'm actually selling them if I can. I could use them to store my cards and stuff when I go out but I already have a canguro for my waist since I'd use the belt strap thingi more than the wristlet :shrugs:
  5. Hmm, both are nice. I guess I like the one with the shark too.
  6. I like the one on the right more.
  7. Yeah I'm thinking about just selling them too, I have them up for sale in livejournal... I mean if I can't justify having a purpose for them- I don't carry around a camera ever and it says on the description its a cell phone bag but my cellphone is way small for that bag...
  8. I like them both!

    As for what to do with them... carry it as small bag/wristlet when you just need a few things. I put cell phone in the front mesh pocket (It's very secure with the snap), credit cards, id, money and keys inside.

    Or take the strap off and use it as a wallet inside your other bags.

    I also use my portas as a case for my PDA, iPod, camera and yes, a DS Lite fits inside easily. I even have my DS Lite in a clear acrylic case and it still fits inside my porta although it's little snug.

    Other people love and collect carmellas, I love and collect portas (inferno, paradiso, citta and amore so far)
  9. I think they are both really cute but if you can't use them. Then I would sell the and get a bigger bag.
  10. i would pick the one on the right. and it isnt too short for the DS...its just really snug :p i use my inferno porta for my ipod...fits perfectly and i can put the earphones in the mesh pocket.
  11. does it fit the ds or just the ds lite? I haven't compared but I know my ds lite fits in there but it's snug because of the clear hardcase I put on it
  12. it fits a DS Lite perfectly. a reg DS would be too big for it (it's wider and lengthier)
  13. i like the one on the right :biggrin:
  14. I agree with Jess that I do like the colors more in #1, but I think the characters are a little better on #2. Guess I'm not much help...:shrugs:
  15. I like the one on the right better...