Portable Changing Pad suggestions

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  1. Just like my handbags, my diaper bags are multiplying :P

    Since I change my diaper bag out pretty often, I'm trying to trim down on the things that go inside, and the changing pad I'm using now is a lesportsac that came with my Toki Cucciolo. Even though its super cute, it takes up a lot of space because its puffy. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a more compact pad.

    I'd still like it to have some sort of padding/softness for my son. I looked at the disposables and they remind me of my dogs' potty pads... :nuts: so I don't think I'll go that route.

    I saw this one and I'm really drawn to it, but I have no idea how much room it'll take up:


  2. have you looked on etsy.com? there are some on there just like that one [or very close] and you may even be able to personalize it [of that is your thing] :smile:
  3. My changing pad is the one that came with this bag

    It's super thin, folds up really small, and fab material (non-stick microfiber on top and anti-bac base layer. I place this pad inside the small pocket of this wristlet
    http://www.shopjujube.com/Product.aspx?l=00040005000000000000&p=JJB01319 which contains 2-3 sposies and Burts Bees powder with room to spare.

    I could use any purse, not necessarily a diaper bag and it's so convenient. BUT the pad is not padded. At first I thought baby will be uncomfortable on hard surfaces but he's totally cool with that.

    The only alternative to a padded pad without the bulk would be the disposable ones but they're often small (newborn) and expensive over time if you change often. Huggies makes them.
  4. thanks ilovepinkhearts, i didn't even think to check etsy for changing pads! i'm gonna go have a look later... i can browse etsy for hours... :biggrin:

    bohohobo, i've been thinking about buying a jujube, but i can't decide between a beTween or a Packabe. Are the changing pads in these the same as the one you have? I'm also going to order a beQuick too... just because they seem to be pretty handy for organization.
  5. I'm really tempted to just buy some disposable ones. The only time I ever use a changing pad is on those bathroom baby station things, and after using it there, I'd rather throw it away anyway! When I change him at friends' houses, etc., I usually just do it on the carpet or the couch, so I don't really need the padded part of the changing pad.
  6. I actually found the coolest thing at WalMart.

    It has a compartment for diapers, one for wipes and then it ALL folds out into a changing pad! I LOVE that thing! I can carry it stand alone (large clutch size) or I can throw it in a large purse or leave it in the diaper bag! Ten bucks baby...LOVE it.
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    Hmm.. I have a BeTween, Packabe, and BeLight (whose c/p was what I was referring to):P.. amongst other JJBs. The BeLight pad differs from the rest of JJB bags' pads because it's non-padded while the others have memory foam. TBH I was initially drawn to JJB because of the memory foam I totally dig that even when I'm not the one laying on it! But after a few uses I find the foam not a necessity, as it is it takes up quite a bit of space (not obvious in Packabe as it is in Tween) and that I don't always tote the diaper bag to the toilet in most cases I get my husband or friend to guard my bag while I whisk off with the wristlet that contains all I need for baby's diaper change.

    Packabe or Tween? I personally prefer Tween because of the fabulous internal organization there is no other diaper bag in the market half like it. It's obvious whoever designed it put a great deal of thought into it. Baby is bigger and I don't carry bottles anymore, so the shallower side insulated pockets don't bother me. Packabe is great for icy cold weather, I can stuff fleece jackets, mitts, and hats. If you're an overpacker, go for the Packabe. If you're a minimalist, go for the Tween.

    Don't buy the BeLight for the changing pad yet because JJB just released news today that due to growing demand for the Light pad, they're going to make the pads available separately pretty soon.. unless you want the BeLight as well. Lastly, the BeQuick is their most popular product there are just so many uses other than being a diaper change pouch.
  8. They're TINY. I've had several brands and all the same size for some reason. I think perfect for newborn. I last used it when baby was 6 mos old and his butt was already beyond the boundaries of one pad I had to use 2. I like Huggies because it's got a non-skid base.
  9. ooo that target one sounds great!!!

    where do they sell disposable ones.. i like tht idea too
  10. Hmmm, good to know. I wonder where they get the ones that are supposed to be stocked in the changing tables? I used one the other day at a museum (most of the time the compartment is empty!), and it was probably 2.5 feet by 1.5 feet. It was perfect, and had a bit of padding - reminded me of the cotton pads you use on your face, with plastic on one side.
  11. I found a great one on Etsy.com. I like big purses but I do not like big diaper bags and this works perfect for me. It's perfect for on the go changes and I carry it alone. Somtimes I just keep it in the car. The company does custom orders through their website and made one perfect for me.


    The site is www.pinkkoala.etsy.com or www.pinkkoala.com.
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    i have this from BRU but in a different color. it's great b/c i just stick that small bag in her stroller basket and off we go for short trips.
    i even put diapers (rolled up) & wipes in mine since i received a compact traveling case for wipes at my shower. so all that fits inside along with a small tube of sanitation lotion (good for those poopie diapers! ;))

  13. check out www.JLCcreativesolutions.com they have really cute ones. or will custom make one for you. great prices and shipping rates. theirs folds up to about 8.5 inches by 6.5 inches. with just a little cusion. I love mine!
  14. Definitely not compact, but I LOVE the Patemm changing pad. It's huge and round, so I can plop it down anywhere and not have to worry about lining baby up with pad - this is important for me, since DS freaks out if he's put on an unfamiliar changing table, so I have to change him on the floor, even if we're at the airport or mall or somewhere. It has pockets for diapers and wipes, so you can throw everything into it and just carry the pad around. Since it is huge, it's not stuffable, but if you're toting a bigger bag, I highly recommend it.