port i'm beautiful midi and pewter rock me reveals! with modeling pics!! :)

Oct 24, 2006
So I finally got my fall bags and I am totally in love...I was really worried they were going to be a lot bigger than they actually were and I was starting to doubt my choices. So super happy that they turned out to be really perfect. I can see getting a ton of use out of each of them.

I'm 5'2 and a size 4/6 for reference..I know it totally helps me to see other action shots on those around my size. The Rock Me looks kinda big but it totally doesn't feel big or conspicuous even in pewter...The pewter leather feels a lot softer and is not as bright as the pewter Love Me I got from BE earlier this year. This one is really soft and already starting to smoosh and the color is mellow. Love it! I totally need a good everyday bag since I have kids and we're in and out of the car constantly...this is the perfect size and color to go with everything plus I hate it when bags bulge/look like a big old sack/are too deep but this one seems designed to be super cool and streamlined. :love: So super glad I got the large!

With no flash to show the true color:

Comparison shots with Love Me regular size and IB midi:


With the drawstring open-the way I like it best so far:

With the drawstring cinched:

Messenger style:
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Oct 24, 2006
And of course the first bag I fell in love with...port IB Midi...the dark, rich red wine color I saw in a Prada hobo earlier this year and fell in love with! Feels super soft out of the box but can't wait till it smooshes more. I think its gonna be the perfect baby bag plus it'll be great for me to tote the Macbook in when my dd starts virtual school next year. I'm a huge satchel fan and love arm carried bags best and this one is perfect for that-not big or stiff like I was worried it might be, but a good shape and size...plus the color is awesome. :cloud9: Such a huge risk for me because I usually steer far away from anything in the red/wine family but this one is just super deep and just works...I dunno but I'm smitten!

No flash to show the true, deep color:

Comparison shot with a Love Me regular and my Gucci Boston (just a tiny bit larger than a Speedy 30):

Messenger style:

On the shoulder:
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Sep 21, 2007
Wow, very nice! I love both. The port is so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

You know, I've been thinking that the IB reminds me of a cross between the LM and the MMS. Anyone else think that way?


Can I play too?
Jul 23, 2007
Oh it's just beautiful! First modeling shot by someone close to my height - I love it! When it's cinched it a little it reminds me of a really hot version of another bag that I once had that I've always kind of missed.

Did you get a bottle pocket in your RM?

And I am loving that port pebbled leather! The pebbled is so wonderful.

I've noticed some RM bags have a clip holding the tag and some, like yours, have a chain. Is there any significance to the difference or is it random?

Thanks for sharing pictures! :smile:
Oct 24, 2006
Thanks y'all! :smile: Wearing the IB midi now and found this cool magnetic outer pocket in the back of the bag..awesome to throw car keys, phone, and dh's wallet in! Loving it more as I'm wearing it and finding all of these little touches!