porsche for 16 year old...

  1. ok. most of you were reading this thinking it was a joke, or an unbelieveable joke where some 16 year old gets a 100,000 dollar porsche.

    well. its not.
    its one where the only car a soon to be driver is interested in is a porsche boxster! (which is less than 1/5th of that!)
    ive been saving my money all of my life, and i will soon have enough to more than match my parents for a used porsch boxster!
    be honest. do you guys think this is outrageous, even though i will be buying most of it, and most of the insurance?
    it bothers me to see kids that just get their $94,000 cars handed to them, and although it will be a porsche.. i think it would be respectable for me to get a car with my money. (or at least half of it!)

  2. Rather than worry about the cost, I would be more worried about such a powerful vehicle being in inexperienced hands. Please be careful.
  3. Dallas, you are correct!
  4. I don't know the situation, and if you'll have to pay toward your car regardless of which you choose, but I don't think I'd ever consider using all of the money I've saved up toward a car. Are you going to have to pay for any of your college tuition? College spending? Something to consider when you're putting the money you've worked hard to save in to something that is just going to lose value.
  5. Do get some training if you decide to get the car and often it's not buying the car that worries a person but maintaining it.
  6. If you've wanted it all your life and have worked to pay your share of it, and are aware of the powers that's in a car like that and drive it with respect, I say enjoy it! :graucho:
  7. I think that a first car like this can be a death trap in the hands of an unexperienced driver. Why don't you start with a less fast and expensive car for a couple of years to get driving experience?
    It's normal that beginners will bump the car while parking and doing that to a Porsche is pretty upsetting because it's really expensive to get it fixed. IMO I'd never allow my 16 year old son to get a Porsche for his first car.
  8. i think it's a little outrageous just b/c it's so much money. can you lease one or something? just to make sure it's actually what you want in lieu of all the other things you can possibly have with that money?

    that's me though, i'd trade in buying most things for some clothes, shoes, and bags. =) but if you've saved for so long, and your parents think it's a good idea too, that probably means that you have thought about this and you are a responsible person. so, if it's what you want, go for it! just be careful in it!
  9. I agree.
  10. i can think of plenty adults and experienced drivers who would get into some trouble in a car like that...not to mention an inexperienced driver. i couldn't even fathom what could happen...why don't you get a few years of driving done first?

    my neighbor got a porsche when she turned 18. and by the time she turned 18.5, she had a wrecked porsche. now she has a honda. she ruined her chance to have her nice car while under her parents roof. if you do get this, don't mess it up!!!

    honestly, i think it's a bit ridiculous. nay, VERY ridiculous. if you have your heart set on a nice car, what about a bmw? still VERY nice, but much more manageable. and safe.

    and like mentioned above...why would you want to spend all your money on this one thing?! you can get something less expensive and still have more than enough to spoil yourself in other ways.
  11. Just be very careful...
  12. i think it's great that you've saved up the money on your own. most kids who would *think* of getting a porsche as their first car probably don't do that. in my eyes, it's a very powerful and expensive car for a new driver, but i didn't pay for my first car or my insurance.

    i think as long as you and your parents think you're okay to drive it, then go for it. just be aware that bc it's a little car, any bump/rear end/accident will be costly (unlike a bigger car that has more space between driver and other people's cars in event of an accident).
  13. Its great that you will be able to pay for most of it yourself and if you really want it then I don't see why not. But like the others here I would be more concerned about safety. I do think it may be a good idea to drive around a less expensive car until you become a more experienced driver, then get the porsche.
  14. Have you driven it? I remember the car I wanted I really really wanted, went and drove it and ended up not liking how it drove. I ended up picking the car I actually would have least liked. I couldn't be any happier at the moment. Plus I don't have to really worry as much about my car being scratched or hit as much because it only cost 15,000. My opinion... get a smaller car and save the rest of the money for something more useful. A fancy car is not all it's cracked up to be.
  15. ^Yep, I say test drive it first. Don't get caught up in the name. If YOU really like it and want it then you should be able to do as you please but I don't think it's a good first car. First cars always get beat up and messed up. Especially if you're a newbie behind the wheel. Scratched rims on a Porsche? Ouch!