Porsche Cayenne owners?

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  1. DH and I are looking into buying a Cayenne S for our next vehicle. I just wanted to see who here had one and how dependable it's been. If you have had problem's then what were they? I am getting rid of a 3 yr old Ford expedition that has been really nothing but problems, I don't want another lemon!!
  2. We just bought a Porsche it's not the Cayanne but my husband is totally in love. No problems what so ever yet (knocking on wood!) and he has been driving it like crazy. I bought the Audi Q7 for myself at the same time, I used to own a Cadillac SUV and I was really surprised to find that the Audi was bigger on the inside than the Cadi and it has a nicer drive. I didn't dare get into the Cayenne since I knew I couldn't do two Porsche cars but I love the look of it. This is the Porsche I bought, it's for my hubby for our 20th anniversary

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  3. ^^I also have the Audi Q7 and love it. It is on the same platform as the Cayenne and also the Volkswagen Touareg (which was our old car). IMO, you should check out all 3; I loved the Cayenne but I thought the Audi gave us the most for the money of the 3 vehicles.
  4. I was just recently looking at the Cayenne but we decided to go with the new BMW X5, Have you checked them out?

  5. Nice car, chag!

    I just got a Boxster and didn't even consider a Cayenne, but they are pretty. I couldn't tell you about reliability though. I did however have a Lexus SUV and I loved it and it was very reliable.
  6. My exboyfriend drove a Cayenne Turbo. He didn't like it all...he just said it was had to maneuver and steer since the steering wheel, brake/accelerator were hypersensitive. He said the car is really hard to park as well. He has since downsized to a 3 series, I think. I know his mom wouldnt touch the Cayenne but the father never seemed to have a problem with it.

    I personally loved the car! I never got a chance to drive it since I was terrified, but it's such an attractive car!
  7. I hope to god the Cayenne is my next car! Im in total love with it:girlsigh:.

    I dont have any advice for you, I dont own a Porsche, nor have I ever driven one. But I just thought I'd throw my love for the Cayenne out there! lol.
  8. My cousin has one and they LOVE it. They've had it for about 3 years now without any problems. It's a great car!
  9. The X5 is another option for us. I haven't driven the cayenne yet,but I need another truck becuase I have 3 kids.
  10. I currenlty drive a Touareg and I love it. At the time when I bought it the Q7 was not out. I looked at the Cayenne, but did not want to spend another $10k for the same car.
    I agree with Urologist, try all 3.
  11. I think you'll find the Cayenne a bit small for your liking with 3 kids- just something to think about. Even if they are small now, well- you know how fast they grow;) My DH has a 911 Turbo but when it went into the shop for an upgrade, they gave him a Cayenne to drive for the week. For fun, we took it out to dinner with the kids & my boys (4 & 7) were pretty cramped in the back seat (this is with booster seats). I'm finding my Range Rover a bit too small in the back seat for them & all their stuff, so I'll be going bigger for my next truck as well. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  12. Yeah, that is my only worry. I have 2 in car seats and was hoping to step down in size from the Expedition, esp since we have a Yukon XL too. But I'm going to have to go test one and see how it works with the kids first and foremost. I may have to wait and get a new Yukon or Tahoe to replace it. I just want something a little bit nicer.
  13. ^ You might want to consider a Cadillac Escalade, slightly smaller than the Expedition. We have had 2 & I will probably get one for my next truck. Very lux, the interior is roomy & TDF. They drive like a dream~:tup:

    I also really like the Tahoe LTZ's for a different pricepoint~
  14. I have a touareg which we all know is the same exact platform as the cayenne and I can't believe how well it handles...it drives better than any other suv or truck my dh or I have ever driven and I've never had a problem parking it. I do agree that the backseats on these are not very roomy, I would look at the Q7 (these weren't out when we bought our touareg) since they have the third seat.
  15. Ok I think I will look at the Q7 too. I didn't know it had a 3rd seat. We weren't going to buy the Cayenne brand new becuase you can get one a couple years old really reasonable.