Porridge Clothes (esp Dresses) - WHERE do you find??

  1. and have you ever owned/tried any on?. There are several on anthropologie.com that I really like but they are pretty much sold out. Anyone out there have any experience with this brand?
  2. I haven't heard of the brand, but it might be one of those "in-house" Anthropologie brands, like Odille and Louie. Anthro doesn't have an "anthropologie" brand, but have off-shoots (I used to work for them). By the way, if they are out of a dress you like, you can place a customer request form (so long as the item can be found in stores versus web only). They search all the stores for you, and ship to you for free once they find it.
  3. i know that blaec.com carries some of their stuff on and off......i don't think they have any porridge stuff at the moment but i remember their having a few really cute tops a coupla months back...

    oh and also they have a website with an online store (that's down now since they're updating) and a map with store locations so you should check that out