Porosus vs Niloticus Crocodile

  1. Does anyone prefer Niloticus (NILO) crocodile to Porosus croc?
    While I would not complain if someone gave me any bag the wide variation of scale size from side to middle in porosus annoys me. I know that Porosus is considered the premier croc -- should I consider purchasing poro just for that reason?
  2. You're not alone. I have a good friend who dislikes porosus for that same reason. She says the scales get too small on the sides, like rice krispies.
  3. yes -- i prefer the larger nilo scales or the less uniform look of alligator.

    gifts of porosus bags will still be greatfully (gratefully?) accepted, however.
  4. Now is Por (sp) from a specific part of the croc or is the scale size due to the age of the croc?
  5. It's a characteristic of the species. Porosus has the finest scales of all the crocs, or so I've read.
  6. There is a lot of variation even between porosus and nilo pieces, so it's hard to make a sweeping assertion about which you prefer without looking at each individual bag.

    Certain nilo bags have quite small and gorgeous scales and without being able to see the marking distinguishing it from porosus, even experienced H lovers can find them comparable. Since nilo is considerably less expensive than porosus, IMO there's a good argument for being open-minded as far as the 2 are concerned.
  7. Wow! Did not know, must go to reference be back later :smile:
  8. lol, not for me, it's not! i make sweeping assertions with the greatest of ease . . .

    ok, being serious now, i think it's perfectly fair to observe the general tendencies of each type and develeop a preference for that type. BUT i certainly agree that because of the possible variations being open-minded is a good idea, as you might find a nilo bag that looks more like typical poro, and vice versa.
  9. I'm I
    using my phone to reply while I am waiting for my son's occupational therapy class. While I agree that some croc leathers look similar even tho.nilo and poro, my concern is when ordering one does not get to see the leather beforehand.
  10. You know, if someone has a nilo croc they don't like, I'll be happy to take it off your hands! :graucho: in all seriousness though I prefer more even scales, not the big ones in the center and the small on the edges, so porosus is my choice, I suppose. Champagne taste and beer budget as my SO keeps reminding me!
  11. I love that:roflmfao: I seem to have a case of champagne taste too:p
  12. Thanks HermesGroupie, DressageQueen, Style101, Julide, RazorBackBelle & Nola.
    I wish we could pick out the specific skins for each bag but, geez, that is asking too much.
  13. hi sus,

    i have both in brand new kelly bags from this year. i was worried i wouldn't like the nilo after all i'd heard but it was stunning. the scales are more even on the nilo...the porosus has big scales in center and smaller ones near the edges...and porosus has the dot on each scale, the pore. that's about it.

    nilo is beautiful and for the price a great value i say...
  14. Does anyone know the price diffferences? Thank you :smile:
  15. lol, RBB.

    actually, it's the nilo that generally has less variation from the center to the outside : **photos from NYfashionexpert


    and porosus with the smaller scales on the sides:

    what a lot of people like about porosus is when you get a bag with smallish scales in general --