Porosus Croc Kelly 28cm

  1. Does anyone know what is the current going price for a glazed porosus crocodile rigide kelly 28cm?

    This is another bag that I'm suddenly craving. Which color do you think will look better? Fuchsia with Gold hardware or Baby Rose with Ruthenium hardware?

    Of course, I don't know when I'll ever have a chance to order something like this ... The prices on eBay are waaaaaaay too jacked up for me to even consider.
  2. Kou, the 28cm must cost a few thousand less, but a 35cm I got to briefly look at was $22500 maybe a month ago.( for me a 35cm kelly is too big...but it was soooo beautiful, it hurt :wtf: to put back)
  3. You saw a porosus Kelly 35cm in person?!! :nuts: What color was it? What hardware? Was it rigide or souple? Was it glazed?

    Also, is porosus croc something that only a VIP can order?
  4. It was the grayish brown (anthracite sp?), rigide, pall. hardware, and it was just sittin' on the shelf:girlsigh: (but probably for about 3 sec. another lady was waiting right behind me to see it, and probably bought it)
    maybe it was a vip "turndown", I was too depressed to ask, once I realized I would not want one that big.:crybaby:
  5. If I have the money for it and it was in fuchsia, I probably still would've turned it down. 35cm rigide Kelly is very big when it's in exotics. It probably looked pretty boxy even though it must've been pretty darn stunning.:yes:

    Now if I had seen a fuchsia croc JPG Birkin, I would've gone for it (in fuchsia) simply because the East-West style doesn't make the bag look as bulky ...
  6. It really looked really big, I could just see my head and feet from behind it when I "tried" it on!:search: