Pornography on cell phones. How young is too young? Is there a way to stop it?

  1. I was watching a show on RTL last night and they had a story about pornography videos on cell phones. The story was mainly focused on preteens and young teenagers and the responses from some of these kids shocked me to no end.

    The questions posed to the kids were along the lines of "When did you first see pornography?", "Do you have pornography on your cellphone?", "Who first showed you pornography?".

    One of the boys that they interviewed said that they were around 8 when they first saw hard-core pornography videos and that he had first seen them on his brothers' cell phone. :wtf: He also stated that he has access to his father's "huge" stash of porn DVDs at home and that he watches them on occasion with his friends.

    They also interviewed a mother (who looked like they pulled her out of a gutter :yucky:) and she said that it was perfectly acceptable for her young boys to watch porn and "boys will be boys" and it's a manly thing.

    What do you think about this? Is 8 years old too young to be seeing pornography? Is this a form of child abuse?


    In my opinion, allowing children to have those types of videos on their cell phones and allowing them to view it openly at home is a form of child abuse. Children that young do not need to be seeing those types of adult images, let alone be having them in their posession.

    I think that if I were a parent to one of these young kids, I wouldn't allow them to have a cell phone...or wouldn't allow them to have one with video capabilities. Granted, they would be able to get it from somewhere else...I don't know. Is there really a way to control if your kids can or can't get to this stuff?
  2. 8 years is definitely too young. I wonder why they are allowed to sell those without confirmation that the buyer is 18 years.
  3. Parents do buy cellphones for their very young kids. It's much easier to organize pickups after practices etc and so many kids in middle schools now have cellphones.

    Because of issues such as mentioned by the OP, cellphones have been banned in the middle school in our school district.

    Explaining to children about sex and sexuality is one thing, but allowing children to openly view these at home is very bad. Would you put your kid into a pool if he can't swim? Would you let him cross the road alone if he wasn't old enough to cross a busy street safely? My opinion is that childrens minds should also be guarded with the same care that we guard their bodies.

    It is not that they will *never* be allowed to cross the road or whatever, but children should be emotionally mature enough to make a judgement about what they see. And eight isn't certanly mature enough.
  4. OMG 8 years old is WAY too young. My son is turning 8 this weekend and thie really hit home. UGH. I don't want him to lose his innocence so early!
  5. Unfortunately, my son found one of my XXX rated magazines, as it had maneuvered out from under the mattress, when he was 7ish. Obviously it wasn't intended nor would I be ok with him regularly seeing images like that. I simply explained that for now, he didn't need to see those kind of images and that when he was older, I'd explain them to him. No need to explain something like that at such a young age. He never brought it up again, nor alluded to it. He's 11 now and I don't really have an issue with him seeing sexuality demonstrated in a tasteful way. Sex is a part of life and to me, 11 is an age where it's starting to be discussed, but porn is a different story. 9 times out of 10 it's overly exagerrated and puts women in a dirogatory light.
    Naturally, I'd like him to wait until he's 18 or so to indulge in porn, but I'm sure he won't. I can clearly remember watching porn when I was 14.
  6. 8 is way too young :wtf: ...but at the same time I think 18 is too 'old'... I think it would be absolutely fine to allow 16 year old to watch that kind of stuff. Most teenagers that age already had sex, so I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to watch if they are allowed to do..., kwim?
  7. And, obviously, your kid accidentally getting ahold of a mag is a lot different than mom saying, sure, watch hardcore porn videos!

    I've got to think that this kid's situation is VERY unusual. Reporters like to drum up the craziest people they can for stories like this in order to better enrage readers.
  8. I can't believe that! 8 is so young! I am sure that if kids have this sort of thing on their cell phones, they are also looking at the same stuff on the internet. Don't parents want to protect their children from stuff like this. I mean 8 years old! WOW! Parents should do something about keeping their kids safer if they need help in doing it, there are plenty of resources out there like NetSmartz411. I really feel like this kind of thing needs to stop and the parents need to stop it, not encourage it.

  9. I remember being in Hawaii with my family when I was about ten. We were driving around in our rental car, and my brother and I saw prostitutes standing on the sidewalk. I think we asked questions because they were dressed funny!

    All my parents told us was "They're Ladies of the Evening." They didn't go into any more detail, and we didn't feel the need to ask anything else.

    Obviously eight is WAY too young to be discovering porn. I know more and more parents are buying phones for their children, and they do make kid friendly phones. Parents should just stick to those.

    I think it's fine if people choose to watch porn. But is it REALLY necessary to watch it on a plane? When SUV's and minivans started to play DVDs there was a question of people playing inappropriate materials in their vehicles. Well, it's their vehicle and it's their choice.

    A plane is not necessarily private, so it's a BIT more noticible if the guy next to you is watching Debbie Does Dallas on his laptop.

    They should have a Porn and a No Porn section on planes.
  10. I am young...speaking for the younger guys would be surprised with what the much younger kids are doing now days compared to back then.

  11. Oh, I know... I remember in junior high there was a pregnant girl... as classmates we were shocked not really at the pregnancy (we knew that's what the product of sex was) but at the fact that she HAD SEX! Most of my college friends were education majors and are teaching now and I've heard some horror storries about what is acceptable behavior for pre-teens. DH and I are frightened at the thought of our daughter having sex at age 11 :wtf: