Porchette Tikal

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  1. I love this porchette!!
    Saw it on the website a little while ago and fell in love with it!:heart:
    So I called the store today to find out if i have to go to the store to buy it - it's not close to where I live to say the least!!!
    And they told me that they will mail it to me! :yahoo:
    It's SOOO great!!! I'm gonna order at the minute I get my next paycheck - which will be friday next week!!

    I cannot wait!! I love that bag! :nuts:
  2. That's cute bag...congrats..please post the pics when you receive it..
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see it!
  4. I will post pics - if i can find out how :o)
  5. I just fax the order to LV!!
    Cannot wait till I get it!!!!!!!
  6. oooh!!! congrats! i love this pochette! its soo cute i love the locks
    i sooo want another LV but its not going to happen until october at the earliest! im saving for my gucci and tiffanys jewellery now in sept :biggrin::biggrin: im sooo excited ahhhh lol its not even big but for me its my first gucci bag purchase and gucci was always my first 'love' so yay for me!!! *dances*
    and yay for you *dances for pearl*
  7. The Porchette Tikal is a cutie!!!
  8. I am DYING for that also, came very close to getting it, but instead had a vernis breakdown.... Tikal is on the list...

    Yay to you!
  9. please post pictures!!! I'd love to see it on you!
  10. congrats, can't wait to see pics!
  11. Congrats. Please post pics when you get it:smile:
  12. It looks so cute! I can't wait to see your pictures.
  13. Due to a little misunderstading I received the porchette tikal - not the tikal pm... was told it was the same bag so I didn't bother cheking up on it but thought it was a bit strange...
    So now I have to send the wrong bag back and wait up to 3 weeks to get the right bag..
    I am a little sad about all this happend but glad it will be sorted out..
  14. aw I'm sorry I hope you get it soon!