Porcelain lovers in Amsterdam

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  1. I posted this in website finds, but I think it deserves a thread of its own.

    I discovered that a porcelain boutique next to my hair salon is now carrying H porcelain. I spotted the stack of newly received orange boxes through the window and from across the street, and had to check it out :P The H boutique in Ams doesn't even have any of the orchids pattern and this store has quite a few pieces and is getting more every day. :tup:

  2. I love H porcelain. If only I could afford to have the whole Cheval d'Orient collection especially the soup tureens and serving plates. Thanks bella for posting!
  3. I love Balcons de Guadalquivir, which I have breakfast on every morning
  4. I do love the orchids and the nile collection, I was told the boutique did not order the orchids, just the square coral line. I don't knowthe name of that one.
  5. I am a nut for china, and Hermes china is so gorgeous! I would love to have Balcons de Guadalquivir or the Orchids... although I'd (gladly) settle for the Nile pattern!