Popup ads are obscuring the pulldown search menu

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  1. When I go to the search pulldown menu, the Clairol Herbal Essences popup ad is in the way and obscuring the search menu. Can this be fixed? The other ads aren't doing this, just this Clairol ad.

    (I am using the classic pf skin)
  2. Surely, I shall get on it.
  3. gasp! I complained about this months ago! Roo makes one teeny comment and you'll "get on it"!?

    Well I never!:blah:

    kidding of course Vladi!:winkiss:
    I'd LOVE if this could get resolved. I really did ask a few months back and I think you told me it couldn't be fixed{?}
  4. Swanky I remember you asking, and I thought this could not be fixed :shrugs: I think this is a Glam ad that we have no control over changing... but I may be entirely wrong. Maybe Vlad learned something new...
  5. Please make it stoppppppp

    It is intermittantly taking over 1/3 of my screen :wacko:

    PS: Swanky, they probably responded because I'm way more annoying than you are. :P
  6. I believe those ads only pop open when you mouse over them.
  7. they do for me, only get bigger if I move my cursor over it.

    But sometimes when I try and edit a post, that drop down menu is behind the ad and I can't edit/close it.
  8. I don't know why I don't know this ad...
  9. I'm a moron. . . my issue is slightly different than Roo's.
  10. I have the same problem though, it's the pink ad I think.
  11. Yep, its the pink ad... it's the ad that won't die... it has a life of it's own!

  12. I think Vlad only fixed it on my computer, and said oh well about the rest of you!! :amuse:

    TOTALLY kidding!! I will keep asking him!