Popularlity of Coach

  1. I read a recent news release on Bloomberg that Coach handbags didn't sell well in department stores because everyone is buying jewelry instead. Also said that with Furla bags and other reasonably priced bags, Coach lost business in department stores.

    Does anyone have a sense of how its stores are doing? Is it that everyone is buying from the stores and department stores just suck?

    I always see people in the stores but that doesn't mean anything... anyone actually know if coach stores are still doing well?

    Seems like I should go buy a Furla instead. Not that I only care about what's popular, but I dont want something that's on its way down either... from a handbag investment perspective.
  2. Coach my not be doing well in department stores (though I doubt that in the big picture), but Coach is doing VERY well as a company overall. Their sales are up tremendously, their stock has been up and they are doing better than ever.

    In many malls where the department stores carry Coach there is also a Coach store, which might account for department stores numbers being lower. Even so, I know that the department stores near me have separate Coach sections and they do a very brisk business.

    As far as staying power, Coach has it. If anything, they are on their way up and not down (as far as sales overall and stocks go), and they have a proven track record. If you are looking for an investment bag, go with Coach over Furla. From a style perspective, of course, you must buy what you love.
  3. i watch the coach stock everday. my dad even bought some shares. coach is a very stable company and their overall performance is very successful. i personally feel that their boutiques and outlets receive more business than departments stores. Coach SAs are the best! they have the most knowledgeable staff (at least in my experience) and provide superior customer service! i love them!
  4. I've actually considered having this be a way to fund my next Coach bag down the road--buy some stock, and it does well, apply it to the purchase! :tup:

    Ooh, can you see it now? A tpf stock watcher's club to fund the handbag habit? I think this idea has potential!:tup:
  5. Unless it's gold or stocks or something, I definetely wouldn't be buying handbags for an investement. Fashion is very fickle. Been there done that with dolls (Barbie and other fashion dolls) and did not make ANY money (granted I was buying for my collection, but it's nice to be able to sell something and get a return on it.). Buy handbags because YOU love them, not because Bloomberg, or Vogue, Elle, etc says to.

    If you buy what you love you can never go wrong.


  6. I totally agree with what you said!
  7. Ditto on Krispin41's POV. :tup:

    I know locally, Coach sells and QUICK in my department stores (especially if its a handbag in a color besides brown or black). Now granted we don't have a Coach store within 2 hours of here so that may have something to do with it as well.
  8. Heya ladies -- I just looked, the stocks at 42 and change and jim cramer was boosting it last night on TV, but every other day its been going down....

    There's a reporter on bloomberg news who said it did badly in department stores in her article and i read a yahoo blurb that an analyst said that they believe the stores didn't do well either. They said "comparable store sale" (not sure what that means) was only up 10% and they aren't even sure if that was true. Didn't sound good. They also mentioned furla and other designers were taking business away. Freaked me out a little because I just bought a legacy bag and was planning on buying one of the new carly bags.

    I understand if I love the bag buy it, and I agree to some extent, but I dont want a bag that isn't stylish anymore.

    Anyone know what's going on?

  9. SexyScorpio just posted a thread titled "Coach in the News". That'll give anyone questioning the success of Coach sales/stock a guaranteed sigh of relief. They are doing quite well it seems.
  10. I guess I just love Coach. I don't care if another brand is more or less fashionable, it's what I like. But I think the fact that you see Coach on women EVERYWHERE should tell you something about it's popularity. I do realize that a lot of these are fakes but you know what they say..."Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
  11. I think this is the case.

    In my mall alone there is a Coach store plus Coach is sold in the 3 department stores attached to the mall (Saks, Nordstrom and Dillard's)

    Unless there was a sale at one of the department stores or a particular bag not found at the main Coach store, then I don't know why someone would go to the mall to buy Coach and not go to their main store.
  12. I know in our department stores (Dillard's, Macy's) selection of Coach is limited (which varies from store to store. I use to work at a Macy's and they had ONE coach bag and rarely got anymore. However the bigger malls carry more and then one mall also had a Coach store).

    IMO...I wouldn't base my fashion on the stock exchange. I honestly could careless about being in fashion (maybe because I rarely am anymore LOL). I just love their bags (honestly I love bags period!!!).

    IMO I've seen more Coach bags now than EVER. Seems like everyone woman (and teenager...which annoys me but hey lol) has a Coach bag these days.
  13. This is the same for me at the mall I usally go to. It has a main coach store, Nordstroms, Macys and Bloomingdales. They all carry a nice coach section. In the past I have purchased a couple bags from the department stores, but since I have 2 really great SA's and now I work for coach. I wouldn't buy from the department stores unless it was a special circumstance.
  14. Are you more worried about Coach (the company) folding in case you ever needed to send a bag in for repair ? :confused1:

    Stock performance doesn't have much to do with whether a bag is stylish. There are many factors that go into how stocks perform - some that don't have anything to do with fashion. For example, the current events in the housing mortage market was negatively affecting ALL stocks - not just those of other mortage companies/credit houses.

    In the case of those analyst reports, the retail industry has seen a slump in sales period which has analyst worrying about a less than stellar holiday shopping season.

    Coach is everywhere so don't worry - its not going anywhere anytime soon. So buy to your heart's content if you like the bags.
  15. Coach dept stores sales are down b/c Coach has dramatically increased the number of boutiques and outlet stores that it operates. Not to put Furla down but.... seriously, Furla? I would never in a million years think Furla was a better investment than Coach. I live in one of the wealthiest counties in the nation and NO ONE carries Furla- in fact, most people dont even know what it is. Sorry but my vote would be Coach by far