Popularity of Whiskey Legacy

  1. I notice that many of us have the legacy whiskey bags. I am surprised that I have not seen anyone carrying the same bag as me. Have you seen people with the same bag as you legacy or otherwise?
  2. I've never seen anyone around here carrying any of the leather Legacy bags. I've seen someone carrying the same bag that I own twice, and both times I was using a different bag.
  3. I don't have any Legacy leather in whiskey (I have black leather and both signature colors) but I just wanted to say that I have yet to see anyone else wearing any kind of Legacy bag! I live in a mid-sized city and we shop often in Detroit and, even so, I haven't seen a single person with one. I really pay attention to the purses that women wear, too. How strange!!
  4. I live in Minneapolis and I have only seen two Ali bags in use besides my black one. I saw one in Whiskey and another one in black but only those two. I see many of the tote bag styles, the holiday patchwork shoulders. duffles, and swing packs but that is it. I noticed that the Coach store at the Mall of America did not have any leather Ali bags in stock. :confused1:
  5. Hi.

    I have not seen anyone wearing a Legacy Whiskey bag in
    any style. I own the Legacy Shoulder bag in whiskey and I
    do see people checking my bag out. I work in Lower Manhattan-
    Battery Park Area and I have not seen a one.
  6. I'm in the Washington, DC area and I've only seen 2 people besides myself with anything from the Legacy lines.
  7. I have seen about four Legacy Whiskey Shoulder bags and two Alis. It's funny because I always get excited when I see a bag I own on someone else because I fall in love with it all over again:yes:
  8. I am in the Metro Detroit area too and have NOT seen any leather legacy bags, I have only seen one Signature ALI.....
  9. I haven't seen any legacy bags (other than on me, haha). I see lots of certain Coach signature styles, particularly demis, duffles, Hamptons carry-alls, hobos, and swingpacks, but not many all leather bags at all, and definitely no legacy bags in either leather or signature. Weird.
  10. Yeah, it's weird--I live in Pittsburgh area and I see the signature stuff all the time but have not seen anyone with any legacy stuff yet.
  11. Good point, I haven't seen anyone besides my coworker and myself with a legacy bag.
  12. Saw a lady a couple of days ago w/ a whiskey shoulder bag, but that's the only one i've seen.
  13. I am amazed by how many of us have not seen other people wearing leather Legacy bags, especially considering how quickly they flew off the shelves! What did people do with them?
  14. I'm about 20 minutes outside Phila, PA and I've seen a couple of legacy bags. One on an SA at a shopping center where a Coach boutique is (but she was outside on her break, so I figure that counts). The other was my uncle's new wife - she had the black shoulder bag. Other than that, I haven't seen any legacy bags, but I have seen several other newer Coaches - an Ergo, a couple signature stripe and a couple patent totes.
  15. Maybe they just didn't make that many of them?