Popular birkin colors being released right now?

  1. Hi. I mostly lurk in the Hermes forum. I don't know much about Hermes bags, so please forgive me. But I do love the ready to wear and have wanted a birkin for many, many years now.

    I have a friend whose family is well-respected in the fashion industry and can very easily get a birkin for me (which is what she offered to do). My question is, what are the most common birkin colors that are currently being made? I prefer to have a white birkin with palladium hardware, but that doesn't seem very common. (Is that a special order color? I've never seen a white birkin, but I did see a white Kelly in the window of the Boston Hermes before.) I'm willing to consider almost any color, 30cm or 35cm in any non-exotic leather.

    Thank you so much!

    A little more about me. I tend to buy Bottega Veneta croc bags. One of my favorite purses is a fringed Lanvin with gold hardware. But, surprisingly, I have more Marc Jacobs bags than other brands. I tend to wear Italian designer labels (Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.) or "American prep" Ralph Lauren during the day (because I'm in a pretty preppy environment). For spring, I'm going towards a feminine direction with sharply tailored jackets and flirtatious dresses, skirts and blouses. White and silver are my new favorite colors.
  2. Sonya, the reason you may not see many white Birkins is partly due to the fact that sooner or later, it's a white Birkin with greyish/yellow handles. Yuck.

  3. Thank you. I understand that happens. I have white bags and they've turned yellow.

    What color do you think is a good "starter" birkin that is also one of Hermes' more popular colors? I rather not have a neutral color (black, brown, blue jean).

    Thanks so much!

  4. hhmmmm.......rouge garance is quite popular at my store currently....brighton blue is a new, popular colour......what about classic gold? Or vert anis (a bright green)?
  5. GF, all great colors.

    Sonya, I also love the Blue Jean, and of course you can never go wrong with black. Black with GH is stunning!
  6. sonya...looking at that glorious fashion you have in your sig...if you like those colours, you wouldn't go wrong with etoupe or raisin....
  7. Thanks!

    I do like the rouge garance but I have a Bottega croc frame bag in a color that is very similar. (One day, of course, I'll want a Kelly or Birkin porous croc in one of the reds!)

    The raisin sounds beautiful.

    Vert anis looks fun.

    I'll have these colors in mind when I make my request. I'm hoping to have a birkin before my birthday this summer. :smile:
  8. Sonya post some pictures when you receive your bag!!
  9. I say raisin, potiron, or blue jean are quite nice
  10. I vote for blue jean....classy and chic. People stop me on the street to comment on the color of my evelyne. It is just a truly stunning color blue and goes with everything!!!
  11. How about Potiron? It's a bright spot of color that can act very much as a neutral!
  12. Sonya - this might be an odd way to choose a color but I am a redhead which I believe is why I gravitate toward all the autumn shades... browns, golds, the darker reds... does that give you any ideas? Oh - and check out the Hermes Reference section where we have an amazing color thread courtesy of Grands Fonds!
  13. ^I agree with Ms. Twilly - also check the members collection section - loads of great ideas there! :yes: good luck sonya!
  14. I have 3 whites birkins, they never look yellow coz' i'm excellent at taking care of bags?;) :rolleyes:

    sonya, white is a fresh color :yes:.

    alternatively, u can consider vert anis, chartreuse, vert cru, vert pale, emerald green, forest green (hermes greens); tangerine, potiron (hermes orange) or rose dragee, fuschia (hermes pinks).

    from your 1st post, i reckon you're very fun in dressing up & white + silver is your favorite colors + u don't want a neutral color bag mentioned above.

    if i were u, i'll consider hermes greens as starter. u'll be surprised 2 find out how green match with all clothes + perfect 4 spring & fall. emerald green/forest green r darker green; vert anis/chartreuse/vert cru r bright greens & vert pale (my favorite) light green.

    some members here choose hermes green as their 1st green. u can check out their threads. :smile:

    Have Fun!:love:
  15. Sonya Congratulations!!! The Greens Sound Delicious!!! I Do Agree The White Is Beautiful ~ I Would Love A White Birkin Or Kelly!!!!