Poppycock cashew popcorn

  1. Hellooo all,
    How much does this Poppycock cashew retails over USA? I love them alot but the biggest packaging that I can find in Singapore is around 10oz and it costs like 9USD... ;/ Is there a bigger packaging over the states?
  2. The biggest is a 24 oz. tin for $10.29.
  3. Awww.. is there any website where I can get them. If I mass purchase and ship them to Singapore, it might be still slightly cheaper.. and bigger tin!!! :biggrin:~
  4. Hi there-
    I love that stuff, too. Here is some info from a website that delivers internationally. You will have to get in touch with them about shipping charges. :yes:
    Website is:
    Here is from their site:

    Poppycock Popcorn Clusters, Cashew Lovers, 24 oz

    The Cashew Lovers Poppycock contains clusters of cashews and popcorn covered in the amazing glaze! Poppycock is sweet indulgence, a gourmet popcorn lover's dream for over 40 years. Crunchy and splendidly scrumptious, Poppycock clusters are a sinfully savory sensation. Loaded with premium nuts, fluffy popcorn and topped off with the Amazing Glaze coating, Poppycock is a potpourri of tantalizing tastes guaranteed to have you yearning for more

    Purchase less than a full case at $11.29 each.
    Save when you purchase a full case of 6 or more at $10.16

    Minimum order quantity: 2
    Incremental order quantity: 1
    Full case quantity: 6
  5. Ohhh, I love poppycock popcorn - I hope you can get it shipped internationally :smile:

  6. Coworker had this stuff sitting out for the general public. I think I went back like 5x to grab huge handfulls!! This stuff rocks!