1. I've seen some pictures of the Coach Poppy bags and I think they are adorable. Are these coming back? Or maybe something similiar?
  2. My officemate showed up a couple of weeks ago with a Poppy. :yes:
  3. I know right before christmas, they were moved to the outlets ... that's where I picked mine up! I saw a few left last time I was there.
  4. I've seen a few on eBay.....
  5. I've seen a bunch of them at Loehmanns lately.
  6. I got a poppy suede tote for christmas! Love it!
  7. I have a poppy suede hobo that I got a few months ago.. I love it!
  8. I saw some at TJMaxx
  9. I saw a couple demis at the Coach outlet in Vacaville last week.

    I have the poppy keychain - makes me smile everday
  10. Saw some at TJ Maxx as well about a month ago!
    Keep searching eBay!
  11. Poppy is what got me hooked on Coach. Love it! I have a Demi.

  12. OK that bad is adorable and the coin purse - TDF!!!! Love it!
  13. Love the Poppy stuff!