Poppy zippy wallet.. and cutting the

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  1. wrist handle. I use the wallet as just that.. a wallet not a wristlet. Do you think it would be ok to cut the strap and put a key fob there as a pull ?
  2. Hm, I have thought about doing the same, but just have not have the strength to do it yet. It is your wallet so obviously you can do what you want. It might ruin the wallet for selling or even void warranty so just remember that. But I do think it would make it more user friendly. Especially inside your bag. I know I hate having so many straps in my bag that gets tangled up.
    I do believe someone on here has done just that. It was mentioned in one of the threads about the Poppy wallet. I just cannot remember who it was.
  3. I've thought about doing this too.... the strap catches on everything in my bag. I'd say go for it if you are going to keep it.
  4. I personally like that they have straps; makes it easier to carry if I just grab it from my bag and run.
  5. I take those straps off all the time if they get in the way. I buy them to use so not worried about ruining the $$ value.
  6. I thought about doing the same to make one a cosmetic bag. Why not?
  7. I must have missed that. Hopefully they will speak up and post pic's .
  8. Well since I only paid 48$ for it i'm not worried about returning it :biggrin: and I agree the strap gets in the way.
  9. I don't know how many times I have wished Coach would use a wrist strap that can come completely off and on for some of these items, especially the ones that are wallets too. It hooks on the one side, why not the other too. I would use wristlets in my bags more if I could take the straps off and make it more like a pouch.
    It's your wallet, go for it!
  10. I agree with you about the strap coming off. I have a few wristlet that do and they are nice. Although I do like this option as well. When i'm in the city/traveled to vegas I attach the clip to the hook inside my purse so my wallet/wristet isnt lost or taken. but having the option of coming off is nice too .
  11. I, too, wish Coach would make them so we can remove both sides. But until then, I just wrap the stap around in some fashion and they are out of the way. Then I attach the hangtag as a zipper pull.
  12. Hmmm....that is a good idea
  13. This idea makes me cringe. I can't help. lol But I can see why you would not want the strap. I like the strap on mine for when I carry it alone.
  14. i had one before someone else did this to. i thought it looked fine. i say go for it!
  15. I think it would look really cute with a key ring attached as a zipper pull actually!