Poppy Zebra Ponytail scarf?

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  1. Where'd it go? I was thinking of getting it for PCE. Saw it on the website the other night, then it disappeared :sad: Does that mean it's going to the outlets? Are they still at the boutiques? Also, I already used my PCE for a bag, will they let me get the scarf on discount too or was that a one time only? TIA
  2. It's already at the outlets. I got one last evening. Gorgeous scarf. I bet alot of the outlets are getting these in as well.
  3. It's at the outlets so most likely not even available in the full price store anymore. I saw a whole bunch of them at my outlet today and I think they were 50% off.
  4. Yep there were in the 50% off clearance bin. Hope you can get one OP.
  5. ^Yep, saw them at mine too, but very few...
  6. I saw two purple ones at WI. The black/white sold out :sad:
  7. saw it at the outlets too
  8. Saw quite a few of each at hagerstown, but few if any at Lburg.