Poppy Willis

  1. Amazing, isn't it? I see that whenever there's a PCE. It amazes me that so many people are making a profit with what is basically drop-shipping for Coach!

    On a related note - my Poppy Willises (Willisi?) are on the truck for delivery! Wooohooooo!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. For anyone interested: I was out doing errands and as I predicted it started to downpour luckily I had sprayed my bag with water & stain repellent last night. The care card says you can pretty much use anything under the sun to clean the bag including Coach cleaner and moisturizer and to my surprise it said soap and water! Anyway, my bag held up like a champ and most of the rain literally bounced off the bag and the the little bit that was on the bag I simply wiped it off with my hand. I also accidentally scratched my fingernail across the front and was able to massage the small scratch out with my thumb. What a hearty bag this is!! ;)
  3. Ok so here is some information I dug up at work today for the new upcoming Poppy Willis bags:

    Poppy Leather New Willis: 19132 $298

    (There is no mention of Brass/Black or SV/Navy....IDK why?? Possibly just pilot colors?)

    Poppy Leather Colorblock New Willis: 19031 $298

    Poppy Signature New Willis: 19034 $278

    BTW There is also more Willis styles coming out later next year including an East/West Willis and a denim signature Willis.
  4. omg, what is that CUTE coach wristlet you have? the one with the adorable character on it? where did you get it? i want it!! hehe. :smile:

  5. Thanks for the info.! I also got this info. on the colors including saddle the other day from an sa in one of the boutiques and she said the next round would be out in february.
    I'm wondering if the east/west version will be any bigger? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is because sadly this one is too small for me.
  6. The E/W measures 12.25 x 7.50 x 3.25, Drop length: 5 in, Strap Length: 23 in. This is the information provided for the Poppy Signature EW New Willis 19033

  7. Thanks! :smile:
  8. I received my Poppy Willis, first in the silver/navy and tho I loved the bag, I didn't like how the navy looked on me, so I exchanged it for the brass/black and I love it, it's a keeper! I love the leather, style, the 70th hangtag, the Legacy lining. I am hoping they make a matching wristlet eventually. What puzzles me is, there is nothing "POPPY "about it, if you know what I mean, I wonder why they put the bag in the Poppy collection? Wierd!
  9. Yeah, I don't know why they don't just call it the legacy collection, 'cause that's what it is.

    They should make a new version of the Rambler, or the larger city bag or revisit the Bonnie Cashin styles again. A leather kiss lock slim tote (with legacy lining) would be great. They should have brought that one back in the Cashin Carry collection a few years back anyway. Revisioning the cresent hippie flap with Leg lining would be great too.

    Is this new Willis bag the only 70 year commemorative bag?
  10. Isn't the black one to die for? I LOVE that it has antique brass instead of the shiny brass. Congrats on a truly marvelous bag, and oh yeah... bag twins!:happydance:
  11. TDF!! I could not do your reveal justice, I suck at reveals, that's why I dont do them, lol! You have nailed it, why anyone would want to purchase their own. esp. in the black and aged brass!

    IMO the black is the best! It is truly VINTAGE COACH. That's why I can't understand the Poppy association. No Poppy about it. But if anyone is looking for a brand new and not from eBay vintage Coach, and doesn't mind the FP, I honestly believe this is the quintessential (sp?) and it is better I think than the recent collection of "Classics" they released earlier. Perhaps, this will be the beginning of more true to vintage releases. Think 2006 Legacy, which was true to the beloved back-when Coach.
  12. Hi Misspurse,
    I bought at the outlet last year. It's a poppy wristlet. I think I got it for around $25. :smile: I've seen a couple of them there, but different colors. Last time I was at the outlet a couple weeks ago there was a yellow one.
  13. Yaay for holding up well in wet weather. +20 Nature Resistance FTW!
  14. thanks for letting me know. i've never seen something so cute at coach. i'll be on the lookout for it the next time i visit the outlet. :smile:
  15. I said the same thing......nothing poppy about it. but thats ok w/ me! it atleast could've been Chelsea or Madison, but Poppy where'd they get that from?? The bag is gorgeous! I just got it in natural (vachetta) and can't wait to use it on my days off! I have to wait for my apple guard to arrive in the mail though. Enjoy yours!! Would love a pic : )