Poppy tote? (white leather)

  1. I'm looking for the poppy tote in white leather. If anyone sees one, please let me know. I've been calling the outlet to check if there are any in, but no such luck! :sad: (I am visiting the folks in DE.) They had some in back home, but I totally missed out and they were selling them for only $184!!!!
  2. Have you tried eBay?
  3. there were some poppies over at riverside @ bloomies.
  4. I wonder if they've gone n sale? The prices are close to retail on e-bay, though I have been considering it....
  5. Yea you should really check the stores while you're in DE because there is no tax there. You gotta love that.
  6. If it's the one I'm thinking of, I saw it recently at Macy's. It was 25% for their sale.
  7. I would also say eBay....hmm.........