Poppy Spotlight in Licorice or Parker Hippie?????

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  1. Ladies I need your help,

    I have been trying to decide between the Poppy Spotlight and the Parker Hippie. I love both bags and I cannot make up my mind as to which to purchase. I consider myself as being classy and fashionable and I want the purse that will fit me the best. I appreciate all responses
  2. I would get the Parker Hippie, I think its a more classic style
  3. Definitely Parker Hippie, I also think it's classier and will outlast the Spotlight and go with more. What about the graphite Parker Hippie, it is TDF, very elegant and beautiful.
  4. Between those 2, I'll have to go with Parker Hippie too. It looks timeless while Poppy Spotlight is going to look out of season after awhile.
  5. Another vote for the Hippie! So practical with the crossbody or shoulder options.
  6. Hippie all the way!
  7. ITA Parker hippie is classic, but personally Ilove Spotlight in Licorice more. I'm not a big fan of Poppy line, but it's really gorgeous when I see spotlight in Licorice leather IRL.
  8. :chanting: Hippie! Hippie! Hippie! Hippie!!!
  9. Definitely Parker hippie! She is my favorite bag so far because of her functionality. Have you seen the new graphite color? Stunning! You can also get the black if you are looking for a black bag.

    No offense to the Poppy bag, but she will most likely end up at the outlets whereas the Parker hippie may not even make it to the outlets. The Parker will definitely outlast the Poppy.
  10. Parker Hippie. I don't care for the Poppy line & Parker won't be outdated.
  11. I love my parker hippie in cinnamon and I think that style will be more enduring than the poppy styles. The hippie is gorgeous in graphite :smile:
  12. I have seen the graphite and it is gorgeous however If I get a hippie I will probably get a black or pink one
  13. Also great choices! The pearl pink is only in the small size tho as far as I know. And you will have to order it at your boutique because as of right now it is a Coach Japan exclusive color. That's kinda cool tho because you'll have a bag that not very many people have. Something to think about!
  14. I called JAX today to order my graphite hippie and they had 1 sand left... maybe if you hurry you can get that one. It's rather pretty. I just love, love the graphite!
  15. Another vote for the parker hippie. I have the small one in white and I love her :smile: