Poppy Sparkle Leather and Maddy Metallic

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  1. I have to admit... sparkly catches my eye. I was at my FP today looking around at some of the new things and the metallic Madison and the new sparkle leather Poppy pieces caught my eye (particular the Poppy pieces!).

    My concern with them would be the metallic/shimmery bits rubbing off? Does anyone have either of these materials that they could share experience with?
  2. I am confused @ what bags specifically you are talking about.

    I have the textured metallic claire but that has been outta FP/boutiques for a while
  3. i saw a poppy glam in sparkle leather, i dont think its in stores in America, I saw it in Japan, anywho the bag didnt feel like it would "shed" my hand didnt get glittery after touching it, hope this helps
  4. I saw the poppy pocket hobo in the sparkle leather and the SA said that the leather would not wear as well....IDK though....just passing along what she said to me, I think she said it would scratch easily!
  5. To me the leather compares just like to the goat leather sabrina we had a while ago... its nice and soft, but don't you dare get one single spot on her- it won't come out... i like looking at it, but wouldn't buy this bag, just for that reason.
  6. that's what I was thinking too ^^^ the goat leather ... it's lovely and has the most amazing feel to it but it is not an everyday bag - there are several accessories in peyton and poppy and i believe a madison wristlet with this leather
  7. hmm..i hope not I wanted the sparkle glam
  8. There's the sparkle hobo, groovy, and Bella tote on the US website for Poppy at the moment. The Maddy bag I am talking about is 14638.

    Yeah.. the softness of the leather on the Poppy bags worries me too. They are so pretty looking though, great for Spring I think. Getting some accessories in the sparkle leather may be the way to go.
  9. I bought 14638 ( I did a reveal) and the leather is really thick and "textured" not smooth like the sparkle leather of the others. It seems really resiliant and I am not going to baby this bag. It does not scratch. I am not at all worried about it.