poppy signature swingpack 43031 does anyone have this?

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  1. just wondering if anyone has this swingpack and if so do you like it. sorry i don't have a photo. it has bring siggy fabric, gold leather trim and woven strap. also has 2 zippers, one on top and one for an outer pocket. what do you all think of this one?
  2. Are you talking about this one ?

    I've seen the magenta one IRL, it's a bit too small to me. However I love the color :smile:

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  3. I saw the swingpack IRL and it s smaller than I thought. I do love the adjustable straps and extra front zip pocket.
    For a slighter bigger bag, you might consider Coach groovy. It is both shoulder and crossbody options.

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  4. the photo i saw had multicolor sort of op art type c's .
  5. just found out the pattern is called pop c. it is the bright print that comes in the glam tote as well. what does everybody think of the pop c pattern???? anyone???
  6. I actually like the Pop C pattern. Very bright, colorful and screams summer.