Poppy Sequin Hobo..... if only.....

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  1. [​IMG]

    My imagination tonight running wild. Never mind my bad photoshop work.

    Wish Coach will come out of this one. I will be the first in line! :yahoo:
  2. This is awesome... I would be second in line!
  3. That would be a great bag! They would just have to change the crossbody strap from canvas to leather and I would be standing behind you in that line.
  4. haha ... you just gave me a new idea of late night things to do ;)

    Love it, would like to see what other ideas you have up your sleeves!
  5. i really want a sequin bag but im scared of how the sequins would wear over time:shrugs:
  6. Now that is a Poppy bag I could get behind! And BTW your photoshop is perfect...I thought it was real at first!
  7. Ohhhhhh.... I'm dreaming ladies. The idea of the leather strap will be stunning on this bag. I'm kinda browsing online to see what other great bag ideas I can come up with but so far this is what I have.

    I really like this idea of the hobo. Coach, get on with it! LOL
  8. That's very cool! keeping sending coach subliminal messages!!
  9. I think I would have to cut in front of you LOL:devil:
  10. I just gasped outloud. If they make that it's mine.
  11. I was looking at the picture going ooooh... and then I looked closer and thought it was a little wonky, but you got me at first!
  12. Wow great work.. I would buy this Poppy in a heart beat...
  13. I thought that was real at first! You need to email that to Coach and tell them to get on that ASAP!
  14. I'm seriously thinking about it now. LOL