Poppy Satchel - messenger style

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  1. If anyone sees a black one for a great price can you please let me know?

  2. They had 2 at Bicester on Sunday - can't remember how much they were though sorry!
  3. They were £297. Also two at Shepton.
  4. There you go then TB - phone SM or Bicester tomorrow and you should be able to get one!
  5. Good luck Tiree! I have the black poppy satchel and also now the sand coloured one from a great tpfer which I will use with summer wear. The style of the bag fits in very well with my "stuff":yes:
  6. I'll give them a call tomorrow. Thanks everyone.
  7. I think I saw one at York last Saturday as well.
  8. Sounds promising ..... hope that you will post pictures when it arrives xx
  9. good luck Tiree - hope you track one down. They look lovely.
  10. Thanks, worked my finances out and need to wait till I rehome one or raise more funds.