Poppy Rose Pocket Hobo or Groovy... did you get one?


Oct 6, 2008
I was searching tpf for pics of the rose pocket hobo or the groovy, and so far found nothing... did anybody get her? What are your thoughts about her? Is she gonna get dirty fast, color off, does she look ok for a mother of 2 little ones.....? lol. I really like the style, I have my ombre hobo but haven't used her bkz I"m hoping for a PCE to show up, and if that happens I'll do a adjustment and maybe get another one??? Any thoughts, pics?

btw- the sparkle one is as delicate as the "silver" goat leather sabrinas were, right? seems the same material to me... if it is- i can't handle that. so back to rose...
Jun 12, 2007
I got the new Graffiti poppy groovy larger sized one. I love it. She is gorgeous. Its style# 14636 if memory serves me correctly.