Poppy Red Mahala available on JC.com!

  1. During my stalking of the site, I saw this beauty! Someone please snatch it up!
  2. They are also available in the boutiques. I got mine from Chicago about a month ago. Kimbah has one too. There is also a Maddy in the poppy color. A fabulous color!
  3. Jburgh, do you have any photos of the poppy and regular red next to each other? I'm wondering how the reds differ.
    I looked and couldn't find any pics of the poppy that weren't jc stock.
  4. Bella, the poppy picture in the ref library is JChoo stock because I just couldn't get the red right using incandescent light, it kept getting yellow-shifted. The choo stock poppy looks pretty true to color. The older red was a deep blue-y red and the poppy is a more orange-y red. Here is Samantha's Maddy next to a poppy picture. And a group picture of mine, showing the poppy (behind the EB Maddy) on the couch:



  5. OMG!

    Your "Choo Couch decor" is stunning!
    Love the Poppy - what a beautiful color.

    Jburgh - are you Choo only or do you stray to other designers?
  6. I want that pink bag! So gorgeous!!!! Ok and the EB Maddy... and that pretty shimmery one in front of the pink one.
  7. Great collection Jburgh! They fill up your couch! :tup:

    The first two pictures - are they both in Poppy Red and Samantha's just a shot IRL?
  8. Jburgh I think you need a bigger couch:yes:
  9. oh, don't trouble yourself ...I have one :graucho::graucho:
  10. Wow...that collection is amazing. Sigh.
  11. Thank you for the kind words. I occasionally cheat on Jimmy with Balenciaga, Fendi, and Ferragamo. And once with Gucci. I do have the usual Dooneys and Coach, Cole Haan, et al. But they must now go to fund the Choos.
  12. abilicious - The first is a poppy Mahala, the second is Samantha's red Maddy, in the "other" darker red color.
  13. I've just checked out my local JC boutique. There's a poppy Maddy right now. It's really a pretty and outstanding color and I was drawn in immediately. There's also a sale going on (so the sale is confirmed across countries) and the Cognac Mahala is on sale at 50% off!!!! :drool:Wow! I'm very tempted to get the Cognac but am tight on cash now.:sad:
  14. i love both the older deeper red color and the newer poppy color...so pretty!:love:
  15. Wow, I'd be ALL OVER those bags! :drool: