Poppy NYC Glam Tote

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  1. Any info on this bag?
  2. ?
  3. It's in the preview thread. I posted it about a week ago.
  4. Found this in the preview thread!

    15888 SV/MC. This one is $298

  5. thanks ladies!
  6. There's a wristlet too. To.Die.For.
  7. do you know when this bag or wristlet can be ordered? Any pics or #s for the wristlet? Gotta have it!
  8. Super cute!!! I might have to get the wristlet! The bag is a little steep for a glam, but I guess it's all the applique!
  9. Gasp! Oh. My. . . . . I already need the keychain, now I'll have to decide between one of the gorgeous reds (my favorite color) and the NYC set (my favorite place) Darn you for putting out so many things I want at the same time, Coach!
  10. It's not really my style but I have to say that I love it! I think it's totally cute and the colors are pretty!
  11. they're both in the book for this floorset but neither are available in Jax yet... not sure why.
  12. Not available till 11/1/2010 and called the Destination Poppy Bag
  13. Omg!!!! Must buy!
  14. So I was thinking about the wristlet yesterday (I really want the tote, but trying to control myself!) and they are both GONE from the website already! :crybaby:

    That's what I get for thinking about it before I order! :cry::cry:
  15. Wow, I'm not surprised though. It's SO cute. I love it. They only reason it's my for me I think is because it's so large. But maybe I will have to get it anyway. lol It's just SO cute!