Poppy Mahala/Maddy?

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  1. Does anyone know if Bloomies, Saks, NM or Nordy's carried/carries the poppy Mahala or Maddy?

    I've seen it available online through net-a-porter.com and jc.com but would like to go with a department store purchase if possible.

  2. I believe that the Poppy was only ordered by the boutiques/NAP, and not by the wholesale market.
  3. I have seen the poppy Mahala at NM.
  4. yyz just said he saw the turq Mahala in St. Louis NM, so I guess they did order them. Are you going to get one?
  5. Which NM did you see this bag at? Thanks!
  6. I saw it at NM Tyson's Corner, VA. An SA should be able to look in the system and find one for you.
  7. I hope you find one.
  8. good luck with your search!
  9. Thanks everyone! I'm trying to decide if the poppy is "red" enough for me. I'm really craving a red bag but I think I want a "true red" rather than something that's more of an orangey red like the poppy...
  10. Good luck with the search and can't wait to see your decision! :smile:
  11. Did you see my picture of the poppy in the red/mahala library? It is definitely an orangey-red. A beautiful one at that. I have a poppy in the garden that matches the color exactly! I am praying for a stop to the rain so I can get out my summery color Choos.
  12. i'm really interested in this bag. anyone know where i can get one? i went to jimmy choo, but the SA told me it was 2 seasons ago and they dont carry it anymore.
  13. ^^ The Maddy is available on jimmychoo.com. I just didn't want to purchase the bag without seeing it in person....
  14. oh no. i wanted the mahala.