Poppy Hobo

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new here (have been lurking for ages) so I hope you don't mind me joining in! I ordered a Poppy Hobo in Yellow on Sunday from the sale (I love the colour, hope it works for me!) On Monday they marked my order as dispatched but hadn't sent me my tracking code so I emailed them and asked for it and got the following response

    "Thank you for your email.
    I have been advised by the warehouse, that they are expecting a stock issue with the Poppy hobo in Yellow. They will be carrying out a stock check again tomorrow; we will be in contact with you to advise you of their findings.
    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause."

    I am gutted, it sounds like I won't get my bag. They haven't emailed me back today, has this ever happened to anyone else? I shall have to consol my self with a different bag :crybaby:

    I just don't understand why they have marked my order as dispatched? This is all through Mulberry.com BTW.
  2. Oh dear, sorry to hear this, but have to say you are not alone I'm afraid, as far as I learn from other ladies on this forum.

    Mulberry should really get their act together, they know Sale time would be busy and hectic so just 'be prepared'!

    Sincerely hope you will have the good news in the end. Perhaps other ladies can advice whether one of outlets had any recently?

    Cheer up! :heart:
  3. Charliefarlie, if you do lose out on this one from the website, there were 2 mustard Poppy hobos at Shepton Mallet. Their number is 01749 340583 and they will do a mail out to you for £7.50.
    The only thing you need to be aware of is bags are returnable but they will only give you a credit voucher not a refund so it might not be for you if you're not sure about the colour.
    Welcome, by the way!
  4. Hi, welcome to the forum!

    I'm sorry to hear that you might not get the bag you ordered. Mulberry.com seem to find it quite hard to keep up with everything during the sales.
  5. hello! Sorry to hear you are having this problem, hope things work out and you get your bag!
  6. Let us know how you get on. Normally Mulberry customer service is great but it's definately been poor during this sale. Hope you get the bag you want in the end!
    Welcome to the forum by the way!:welcome:
  7. Hi Charliefarlie, welcome!!! So sorry about your Poppy, I hope you are able to get her!!!
  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! :smile: And thank you Sarajane for the info and phone number, I will look into it. It is such a shame they cannot fulfill orders but this is the first problem I have had with Mulberry so I won't lose heart.

    Now I have seen the new collection I am tempted by some of them, will wait to see what happens though.