Poppy Hobo in Red??

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  1. Does anyone know when this color will be available in North America? I found this on the Japan website.

  2. My Outlet had both the Blue and Magenta Starlet's..Sorry I can't answer your other question.
  3. there was a girl here that got this hobo in a patent magenta/red/fuchsia color from jax a while back, but i dont remember her name... her thread was something like "look what came this week" or so...
  4. I saw some on eBay not too long ago...seller said they were pilot bags I believe. And I also think I read that someone saw them at Macys too....California maybe??
  5. if there is something on the japan site you can usually order it through JAX..just give me a call
  6. i was just wondering- since we're talking about this hobo- does anybody know if black patent is a color they'll do??? if so I'd get rid of my patent black groovy in a heartbeat and get the hobo instead- she is so much more roomy and the perfect medium purse! *keeping my fingers crossed*