Poppy Graffiti Aplique

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  1. What do you all think of this one?

  2. I love a lot of the new poppy bags, but I'm not sure about this one. I think there's just too many designs going on for my liking.
  3. I have this in the glam tote, i like it, but havent taken the tags off yet JIC i wanna take it back lol
  4. i sort of like the randomness of the designs and the colors...there is a "main color" and the rest is cute!
  5. I like this one a lot ... Like a constant Celebration wherever I go :smile:

    I was looking @ it closer and it has flowers details w/ sequins and lil' beads ... it's really detailed and I don't feel it's cluttered looking @ all
  6. I also like this bag and I really don't buy signature bags. But, it is so cute and different in the assortment and details of the bag pattern. When I see someone with these types of bags it makes me smile it is fresh and whimisical in looks and feel.

    I wouldn't buy it for myself but would for my dd or young neice, etc. and would certainly look for something in a small item for myself to have and carry it my purse in this pattern/print if they make it.
  7. it's too busy. there's just too much going on on this one. ie print on print and how many charms does it have.. 3? oy vey! lol
  8. The pom pom reminds me of the shoestring hair bow my mom used to put in my hair when I was in first grade.
  9. i just got this and i loooove it not alot of ppl have it so its something awesome to add its a great spring bag i adore it and all the cute little fobs it has make it even better
  10. the bag is ok. i dont like the pom pom key fob though
  11. I love the Poppy Graffiti.. I have seen it IRL and it is a beautiful bag.
  12. It's a bit busy for my tastes, but if you like it ...go for it~
  13. It does not fit my personality...But not Everyone loves Everybag...So if you Love it Go for it!!!!;)
  14. I feel like the print is too crazy for me but if you can rock it then more power to you!
  15. i really don't like it, but if you do that all that matters :smile: