Poppy Demi - signature or white leather?

  1. Help me decide. I bought the signature demi first but got a much better price on the white leather. I'm not that big of a signature fan and actually like the white leather better but I also have the white leather polka dot demi which seems too similar to the white poppy. The polka dot demi can't be returned BTW. Which poppy bag should I keep? eBay pics below since my pics are on another computer. I really need to return whichever one I'm not keeping so I can buy something else with the funds!

    Poppy signature demi http://tinyurl.com/3bfkwl

    Poppy white demi http://tinyurl.com/39tlsc

    white polka dot demi (I'm keeping this one, just for comparison) http://tinyurl.com/3a7jvx

    Thanks ladies.
  2. I definitely prefer the white leather. It looks alright on signature too, but I'm with you *not a huge signature fan*. I don't think the poppy on white, and the polka dots are too similar. The designs make them different. :smile:
  3. I have the signature and love it! I think the white, signature and the boldness of the flower really accent the signature.
  4. Love them both... But I would choose the signature
  5. Thanks for your input ladies. The decision was made for me today when I found the white leather again at less than half of what I paid for the signature bag. I just can't keep the signature demi when it cost that much more. I'll be returning the signature and the first white leather demi I bought.
  6. I like the white leather better. Seems too busy with the sig background.