Poppy colour ... red or orange?

  1. I'm having difficulties to buy MBMJ bags! I live in Brazil and here we don't have these bags to sell, so I always buy them online or throught eBay ... I never see them in real life! The problem is that the photos shown seem to be not very accurate in my opinion!

    I've recently bought a Totally Turnlock Mimi in cordovan colour and I was expecting to get a bag in a dark red colour, but not too dark! For my surprise, and disappointment, cordovan is almost a burgundy colour!

    So that's why I'm asking about poppy: is it red or orange?

    Thanks, everybody!
  2. It's an orangish-red - a very yellowy red, as opposed to a blue-red. Does that make sense? It's a really pretty color in person! But it's definitely not a true red.
  3. Thanks, MPJ! I think I understood! hehehe.
  4. it's lovely!!!
  5. It GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!