Popping in from the H board with a little RAOK...

  1. Hi all!

    I just received a wonderful surprise from a member of the H forum, and I want to 'pay it forward' with a little gift to someone who is unsuspecting here at the LV forum.

    I have a Deauville that I have used for years, but never found a need for the small luggage tag that came with it. I know it's not the biggest item in the world, but I'm not using it and I would like it to go to someone who will.

    It is in brand new, pristine condition. I can honestly say that it hasn't seen the light of day since it was part of the cows booty, so it is completely bright and creamy. I purchased it myself, so I guarantee authenticity.

    It is ready for it's new home with one of you!

    All I ask are two things:

    *That the recipient actually use it/not sell it on eBay.

    *When the situation arises, the recipient 'pay it forward' in any way they see fit.

    That's it. No strings attached. ;)

    To choose the winner, I'll pick a random post of whoever responds to this thread.
  2. thats really nice of you
  3. That is a really great gesture on your part..this forum had some of the nicest people glad I found it.
  4. now that's some random act of kindness indeed!!
    Whoever you chooses is definitely getting an extra special piece including such deeper connection; in this case the forum and love for bags!!!
  5. That's so sweet of you. This forum has MAJOR people!
  6. Super sweet gesture of you!
  7. This sounds like fun! A random board RAOK. We could pop from forum to forum spreading happy goodwill :tup::flowers::tender:
  8. That is so sweet of you. I am a starbucks district manager and we had instances in many of our stores of people buying drink for complete strangers during the holiday season. It was really amazing. In some starbucks (none I manage) with drive thrus had pay it forward chains that went on for hours! It showed the true meaning of the holiday spirit.
  9. Good Karma ocmommy.... I don't need a luggage tag (got one, thanks), but I do have some extra H scarf booklets if you want to add them to your collection. Let me know which one(s) you have and I'll see if I have ones that you don't already have...
  10. :woohoo:Pay it forward!! So on it goes... Very nice gesture
  11. that is extremely generous of you ocmommy. things like this is why i enjoy chatting with people on tpf :smile:
  12. that's really sweet of you! over the past few months i've noticed that this forum is full of very nice and honest people. :tpfrox:
  13. Wow that's amazing. I love seeing nice gestures being done. It just makes my face light up with a smile
  14. What a nice gesture. :smile:
  15. Wow, that's so nice of you! Pay it forward is a great thing to do :yes: