Popped into the boutique today...

  1. I'll post pics later, but a Damier Cles follwed me home!

    It's sooo cute!

    Tried on a bunch of bags. Noes in both sizes in Epi and Mono, Damier Illovo GM (need to see the PM, but they were out)

    I love the Noe. But the vachetta bottoms are scaring the heck out of me. Loved the Epi, but don't like the new silver hardware (I won't mix hardwares, it drives me insane), and mandarin is not a color for me.

    Mom waitlisted for one of the new Mono Pleaty bags coming out in March.

    I'm still trying to decide on my next bag. Leaning toward a the Perfo Speedy, but really want a shoulder bag. I need to look at the Papillions and BV again.
  2. Congrats Kristan!
  3. wooohoo! love the damier cles!

    love an illovo. have you looked at the mini lin saumur? it's an awesome shoulder bag
  4. congrats! wait? they are getting a mono pleaty??????
  5. Awesome purchase.
  6. Off to go look. It's such a decision!

    Oh, but a Mini Lin Noe. It's coming....oooh!
  7. congrats!
  8. Congrats from here too - I love the Damier cles!
  9. Congrats on the Damier cles! Good luck on your pic for the new bag...it's overwhelming, huh?
    I am also thinking about a mono petit noe. I have two epi petit noes and LOVE them! :love: I would highly recommend--very comfy shoulder bag, so cute and worry free with no vachetta--
  10. Mini lin noe..............................omg that sounds heavenly.
  11. Congrats on the damier cles! I never told you this but your fab collection of coach wristlets inspired me to get a lurex gold/silver mini sig. wristlet!

    I went to LV yesterday and tried on a bunch of shoulderbags, I'm in the same boat deciding on a shoulderbag. The papillon has the shortest handles to my surprise, more suited for over the lower arm or handheld. The SA told me it was a lower arm purse. The SA's were so nice and helpful showing me different bags even though I was very clear that I wasn't buying today. I tried the vavin GM, which I would recommend if you don't have to wear a coat, I love it, but won't work for me in the North. I loved the bv best but found it a little big for me, I felt it looked big on me, but I really did like it the best and thought it was the most comfortable. I would recommend that one, did you try it on?

    I also tried on the cabas piano, didn't do anything for me. I tried on the mono bucket bec. I was seriously considering that bag and still am, it's a perfect size but something about it, I wasn't in love. But if I had to guess I would end up with it. I know this sounds crazy, but I didn't like the holes in the strap from the buckle, dumb dumb dumb to care about that, but it bugged me. I don't recall the bv having it though. I also tried on the silver mirror pochette for a thrill, lol.
  12. Very cute! Congrats!
  13. congrats!